Report: Police Agents Recruited Minor for Price Tag Actions

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The Honenu legal aid organization revealed yesterday that the police operated an agent among Judea and Samaria youth who in at least two cases persuaded a minor to commit “price tag” reprisal vandalism.

The agent updated security forces before, during, and after the acts of vandalism, while police refrained from forestalling them.

In one case, the agent gave the minor a bag with flammable material and spray paint, while coaxing him to carry out an act of vandalism against Arabs. The minor refused to commit arson and agreed only to spray-paint slogans.

Later, the agent took the minor to Jerusalem’s Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood and instructed him in covering his head and carrying out the vandalism. The agent also provided him with the slogan to spray-paint on the Arab houses.

Following the exposure, attorney Moshe Polski representing the minor is expected to ask the Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court this morning to allow publication of the case’s details and investigation materials.

“Israel 2018 wakes up to a world of agents provocateur like ‘Champagne’ that we thought ended in 1995. This is an earthquake, which should concern every citizen of the State of Israel,” says the Honenu organization this morning.
Champagne was the codename of Shin Bet agent Avishai Raviv, whose mission was to monitor rightist activities. Raviv was brought to trial in 2000 for not preventing Rabin’s assassination, but he also acted as a provocateur, insinuating himself into religious Zionist circles and coaxing them to action to turn public opinion against them. Three months before Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin was killed, Raviv was appearing nightly on the news conducting militant “right-wing” induction ceremonies, publicly beating Arabs, and distributing photos of Rabin in an SS uniform.

My guess of why the increase of Shabak inspired vandalism is picking up in the last few days, is that they are worried that the public will turn against the Shabak for extracting False Confessions through torture in the Duma Case. Therefore the Shabak are trying to create new facts on the ground to win public acceptance of their evil actions!