Peaceful Visits to the Temple Mount or Police Response to Muslim Temple Mount Riots Are Called By the U.N. & Allies – Settler Violence

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From the Archives of the Police according to the Hebrew site

The Hebrew web site Hakolhayehudi reports:

According to the UN, between 2016 and 2022 no less than 5,656 incidents of settler violence against Palestinians occurred.

30% of the events took place in Jerusalem
However, an examination shows that over 1,600 of them (29 percent) took place in Jerusalem in general, almost all of them – 1,300 of them (23 percent) are Jews or tourists entering the Temple Mount or police confrontations with Muslim rioters on the Temple Mount. That is, no violence and no settlers…

Most of the other reports of settler violence by the U.N. and allies were also lies or distortions, At this point in time we won’t elaborate. For those who read Hebrew see the article: