Senator Ted Cruz: The so-called Respect for Marriage Act is going to set the stage for the Biden IRS to target people of faith

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Quote from: 11.30.2022
CRUZ STATEMENT ON VOTE AGAINST SO-CALLED RESPECT FOR MARRIAGE ACTWASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) made the following comments after voting against the so-called Respect for Marriage Act:“The so-called Respect for Marriage Act is going to set the stage for the Biden IRS to target people of faith, and in particular, to deny tax exempt status to churches, charities, universities, and K-12 schools. This bill creates a federal cause of action to sue institutions that believe marriage is the union of one man and one woman. There are going to be hundreds of lawsuits filed all across this country, forcing underfunded defendants to settle and violate their beliefs or close their doors. That’s what the Democrats want. And 12 Republicans went along with it.“I was proud to support my friend Mike Lee’s amendment, which would have prohibited the IRS from targeting institutions based on their support for traditional marriage. Unfortunately, Senate Democrats voted it down. And without Mike Lee’s amendment, this bill empowers the politicized bureaucrats in the Biden administration to target people of faith. If Republicans had stood strong, they could have forced Democrats to include the Lee amendment. But the sad truth is that not enough Republicans were willing to stand and fight for religious liberty”.

One concern with the Respect for Marriage Act is that it would force Texas to recognize any type of marriage from every other state, regardless of Texas law. Sen. Cruz filed an amendment to the bill that would have ensured states would not be forced to accept polygamous, incestual or child marriages from other states.

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Ideally the definition of marriage by non-Jewish governments should be in accordance with the universal laws given to the descendants of Noah. The standard Republican position is closer (but not identical) to the universal Noahide laws than the position adopted by the Democratic party.

An even greater problem of the so-called Respect for Marriage Act is that based on the experience of such laws in Great Britain it is probable that this act will be used to attack Jewish education, even in private schools. reprints the post of Jun 8, 2018 5th of Tamuz, 5778 to make the point clearer.

Tolerance Law passed ~8 years ago mandating school propaganda for the Homo-Sin – Is Used to try to close Jewish Schools
About 8 years ago a law requiring schools to teach tolerance was prompted by concern about Muslims who weren’t integrating, but its practical effect includes literal persecution of the Jews. Jewish religious schools in the UK that don’t want to promote the homo agenda and other evil values are being threatened with closure from the government, unless they give in to these Hellenistic demands of teaching anti-Jewish values in their schools.

Don’t be fooled by Homo propaganda. They don’t want equality. They want to wipe us out, but are too weak to do it immediately, so far now they just demand equality.

Comment 2: It is too early before the next Presidential elections to endorse any particular politician and it also possible that no politician will be endorsed.