King Charles III Recently Became King of Britain. Is There Any Mitzva to See Him?

Post revised: 26th Elul 5782 – Sept. 22, 2022

King Charles III

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Bracha for Seeing a King or Queen

  1. It is a mitzvah to go and see rulers and kings, whether they are Jewish or non-Jewish.[14] Nonetheless, one shouldn’t waste time from learning to do so unless the king came with special pome and grandeur.[15]
  2. Upon seeing a Jewish king one should recite ברוך אתה ה’ אלוקינו מלך העולם שחלק מכבודו ליראיו (Baruch… Shechalak Mikvodo Liyireav).[16]
  3. Upon seeing a non-Jewish king one should recite ברוך אתה ה’ אלוקינו מלך העולם שנתן מכבודו לבשר ודם (Baruch… Shenatan Mikvodo LeBasar vaDam).[17]
  4. It is questionable if nowadays one should make this Beracha for seeing a king, queen, president, or prime minister, and therefore one should only make this Bracha without Shem UMalchut. [18]
  5. This Bracha applies equally to a male king as to a female queen, however, one shouldn’t stare at the queen but only a quick look. [19]
  6. Seeing the monarch on television would not obligate you in the beracha.[20]

Prayer: May the Coronation of King Charles III Inspire Us to Look for Practical Measures to Restore the Kingdom of Heaven, the Temple, and the Kingdom of the House of David.

Recently Rabbi Avi Grossman suggested in a youtube video “Restoring the Davidic Dynasty”, that some Davidic Family should be granted the powers of Israel’s President (which is largely a ceremonial position, although Israel’s President does have the power to pardon). Some of the arguments he used are debatable, but his conclusion is reasonable.

The goal of reporting about Rabbi Grossman’s video at this web site is to provide emotional inspiration for religious Jews to look for practical measures to bring the monarchy of King David back to life. does not endorse any particular “Davidic” candidate.

To the extent that Halacha supports/allows Democracy, also supports Democracy.

The Last 2 Verses of the Biblical Book of Hoshea, chapter 3 as translated by

Comment by the Editor: I currently don’t have the time to verify that every souce in the footnotes quoted by is indeed accuate. I assume all the sources are accurately quoted, until proven otherwise.

Comment 2 by the editor: (New addition 3 Tishrei 5783 Night of Sept. 27 2022) Rabbi David Bar-Hayim in a YouTube video, “British Monarchy and Jewish Monarchy” also expressed support for a ceremonial King from a Davidic family in the same way as the British King is largely ceremonial as a means of providing a tangible link between the modern state of Israel and the Bible; thus, serving to strengthen our sense of meaning and purpose and connection to thousands of years of Jewish History.