Robert Kennedy Filmed on Video Claiming that Covid-19 Was Designed to Target Caucasians and Blacks but Not Chinese or Ashkenazi Jews

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virusI don’t think his statement is true. I know of Jews (both Sephardic and Ashkenazi) who were diagnosed (if the diagnosis was accurate) as having died from Covid-19.

Here’s a quote I found implying the opposite.
Unquestionably, ultra-Orthodox Jews—whose religious observance prohibits them from using technology during Shabbat, requires regular synagogue attendance for group study and prayer, as well as in-person attendance during religious holidays, weddings, funerals, and other important community events—were some of the hardest hit by the pandemic. Because the vast majority of ultra-Orthodox Jews live in large households, attach great importance to communal gatherings for prayers, have limited access to robust and personalized healthcare services, and characteristically are skeptical of secular authorities, they were disproportionately impacted by this disease. Around the globe, ultra-Orthodox Jewish communities experienced significantly higher rates of COVID-19-related illness and death when compared to the general population (Kingsley, ; Stack, ). Moreover, these communities also were targeted by hate-groups intent on maliciously and falsely labeling Jews as being a main vector of the virus. Recognizing the genuine efforts ultra-Orthodox Jewish communities took to mitigate the risks posed by COVID-19 while also maintaining their strict religious traditions and practices when subjected to government-imposed public health restrictions, this community unquestionably was forced into a religious and moral dilemma significantly more impactful than most other religious groups—maintain their devout religious observance or risk possible severe legal sanctions.

In the Middle Ages during the Black Plague Jews Were Accused by the Christians of Creating the Plague and Were Massacred

The persecution of Jews during the Black Death consisted of a series of violent mass attacks and massacres. Jewish communities were falsely blamed for outbreaks of the Black Death in Europe. From 1348 to 1351, acts of violence were committed in ToulonBarcelonaErfurtBaselFrankfurtStrasbourg and elsewhere. The persecutions led to a large migration of Jews to Jagiellonian Poland and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. There are very few Jewish sources on Jewish massacres during the Plague.[1]

The official policy of the Church, which was reasoned in part because J-man (name censored by the author) was Jewish, was to protect Jews.[2] In practice, however, Jews were frequently the targets of Christian loathing.[3] As the plague swept across Europe in the mid-14th century and annihilated nearly half the population, people had little scientific understanding of disease and were looking for an explanation.

Jews were frequently used as scapegoats and false accusations which stated that they had caused the disease by deliberately poisoning wells were circulated.[4][5][6] That is likely because they were less affected than the other people[7] since many Jews chose not to use the common wells which were located in towns and cities.[3] Additionally, Jews were sometimes coerced to confess to poisoning wells through torture.[3]

Persecutions and massacres

The first massacre directly related to the plague took place in April 1348 in Toulon, where the Jewish quarter was sacked, and forty Jews were murdered in their homes. Shortly afterward, violence broke out in Barcelona and other Catalan cities.[8] In 1349, massacres and persecutions spread across Europe, including the Erfurt massacre, the Zürich massacre, the Basel massacre, and massacres in Aragon and Flanders.[9][10] Around 2,000 Jews were burnt alive on 14 February 1349 in the “Valentine’s Day” Strasbourg massacre, where the plague had not yet affected the city. While the ashes smouldered, Christian residents of Strasbourg sifted through and collected the valuable possessions of Jews that were not burnt by the fires.[11][12] The following September, 330 Jews were burned alive in the Kyburg Castle, east of Zürich.[13] Many hundreds of Jewish communities were destroyed in this period. Within the 510 Jewish communities destroyed in this period, some members killed themselves to avoid the persecutions.[14]

In the spring of 1349, the Jewish community in Frankfurt am Main was annihilated. That was followed by the destruction of Jewish communities in Mainz and Cologne. The 3,000-strong Jewish population of Mainz initially defended themselves and managed to hold off the Christian attackers. However, the Christians managed to overwhelm the Jewish ghetto in the end and killed all of its Jews.[11]

At Speyer, Jewish corpses were disposed in wine casks and cast into the Rhine. By late 1349, the worst of the pogroms had ended in Rhineland. However, the massacres of Jews was starting to rise near the Hansa townships of the Baltic coast and in Eastern Europe. By 1351, there had been 350 incidents of anti-Jewish pogroms, and 60 major and 150 minor Jewish communities had been exterminated.

If you assume Robert Kennedy does not want to start a massacre, I will say he showed poor judgement in making false Covid-19 statements about the Jews.

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In a recent meeting with former Republican congressional candidate, Shmuel Boteach, Kennedy clarified his beliefs reagarding the identity of those responsible for the spread of Covid-19. He stated, “We know who they were and they weren’t Jewish.”