The Knesset Voted to Partially Reverse the Expulsion (Disengagement) Law from Northern Samaria

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Among the Jewish settlements in Samaria destroyed by Ariel Sharon’s Expulsion (Disengagement) Law was the settlement of Homesh. A new law passed by the Knesset recently, partially reversed the expulsion law. But first a few words about Homesh.

Homesh Water Tower
Homesh Water Tower

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The community was named after five villages that were there in the times of the Mishna and the Talmud, and its Greek name was preserved in the name of the village Pentakomia (Penta= five in Greek). In 1978 Homesh was established as a Nahal nucleus by the name of “Ma’ale Nahal” on a high mountain looking out over wide plains “from Hadera to Gadera” (650 meters above sea level). In 1981 the place was naturalized and became a secular community in the Shomron regional council as part of the National Worker Settlement Movement. In the 90s, a large group of families from the former USSR joined the founding nucleus, and in the 2000s some young religious couples came to the community and became part of the special social fabric of the place and even established a Yeshiva in the community.

Rabbi Meir Goldmintz connects this area to the area owned by the Biblical Tribe, Menashe. He also finds a connection between the Hebrew name of this area and the five daughters of Zelophchad that were granted portions in the land of Israel by Moshe.

He contends, the daughters of Zelophchad are symbols of affection for the land. They were trailblazers in the laws of inheritance, and Hashem agreed with them. It is without question that this place, Homesh is the greatest symbol today of affection for the land and advancing forward.

For more about what he said in Hebrew see

הישוב חומש – רב מאיר גולדמינץ – קדושת ציון

The author of this post has not studied the issue sufficiently to determine how strong is the connection between Homesh and the five daughters of Zelophchad.

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Now, here’s the real upside: the disengagement law stated that all land rights of the Israeli residents in the evacuated areas were null and void. The amended law recognizes forward land rights acquired by Israelis there. The amended law therefore allows the re-establishing of the destroyed settlements. It also includes a clause that allows Israelis to acquire land rights in northern Samaria. Now prospective settlers (and re-settlers) are free, in addition to reclaiming their state lands from the government, to also purchase those private Arab lands, or ask the state to allocate to them new state lands.

What about Biden and Iran?

For the reason discussed in MIRACLES OF THE GULF WAR  it is Israeli expansion that will save Israel from the Iranian problem not groveling to Biden.

Reversing the 2005 (Jewish Year 5765) “Disengagement Law” is one step in the right direction.

post by Shlomo Moshe Scheinman

Update: Sun, 4 June 2023 = 15th of Sivan, 5783 reported:
The yeshiva in Homesh was quietly relocated to a new, permanent location overnight, just days after the IDF commander in charge of Judea and Samaria ended the years-long ban on Israelis visiting Homesh.

Before dawn Monday, students from the Homesh yeshiva and volunteers moved the yeshiva several hundred meters, from disputed land to the school’s permanent location on state land.

The operation was funded by donations from around across Israel and around the world.

Update: Thursday, 9 June 2023 = 19th of Sivan, 5783 reports: Following the resurrection of the Homesh Yeshiva, there are plans for approving thousands of new housing units in Judea, Reshet Bet Radio reported Wednesday morning.

Friends of Israel in the U.S.A. should put maximum pressure on Biden to stop interfering with the plans to build new Jewish settlements.