A Few Days After the Conclusion of Chanuka 5783 Bibi Netanyahu Officially Returned to Power in Israel. As Usual King David Was Left Out of the Coalition Agreement.

With the title of this post in mind vilnagaon.org reprints an excerpt from the post: King Charles III Recently Became King of Britain. Is There Any Mitzva to See Him?

Prayer: May the Coronation of King Charles III Inspire Us to Look for Practical Measures to Restore the Kingdom of Heaven, the Temple, and the Kingdom of the House of David.

Recently Rabbi Avi Grossman suggested in a youtube video “Restoring the Davidic Dynasty”, that some Davidic Family should be granted the powers of Israel’s President (which is largely a ceremonial position, although Israel’s President does have the power to pardon). Some of the arguments he used are debatable, but his conclusion is reasonable.

The goal of reporting about Rabbi Grossman’s video at this web site is to provide emotional inspiration for religious Jews to look for practical measures to bring the monarchy of King David back to life. Vilnagaon.org does not endorse any particular “Davidic” candidate.

To the extent that Halacha supports/allows Democracy, vilnagaon.org also supports Democracy.

The Last 2 Verses of the Biblical Book of Hoshea, chapter 3 as translated by Sefaria.org