Regarding the Nod and the Statement “Your truth cannot be suppressed” of Vice President K. Harris in response to a student who accuses Israel of Ethnic Genocide

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V.P. Kamala Harris

The video where this statement is recorded is at

For those that don’t understand the deeper meaning of this conversation, the student is accusing Israel of being “the bad guys” and is calling for support of Arab terror groups who wish to destroy Israel or at the very least calling for pressure to stop Israel from effective defense measures. “Reading between the lines”, Harris is in essence replying, your policy proposals are legitimate options that we might consider under the right political conditions.

I hope this is a good reminder to Israeli Jews and Jews in general that the U.S.A. in the long-run cannot be relied upon. In particular since the population trends in the U.S.A. indicate that the anti-Israel percentage of the population is growing due to changes in demographics, illegal immigration, hostile media and campus terror tactics at universities.

Comment by Shlomo Moshe Scheinman:

This should also be a message to the next Pro-Israel President that comes to power (in the near or distant future). That future president must understand that to be Pro-Israel means to support Israel in making “facts on the ground” that support Israel’s Biblical destiny of sovereignty over the areas mentioned in Exodus 23:31.Facts on the ground that will be difficult to undo even if some future crisis or election fraud once again sweeps a person like V.P. Kamala Harris in to power, heaven forbid.

future borders of israel

Comment 2: See Also Ohr Hachaim Bamidbar 33:52, Ohr Hachaim Dvarim 33:28
Comment 3: Harris isn’t “fighting” for everyone to be heard. Her administration, for instance, works hard to shut down voices it considers to be spreading misinformation. Surely, if this student had contended that African Americans or Latinos were terrible people, Harris would not have been glad to hear her voice, or her perspective, or her experience, or her truth.