In Light of the Secular Supreme Court Ruling in Israel That Reform Conversions Are Valid – The United Torah Judaism Party Shows the Logical Extension of Giving Heretical Movements, Conversion Rights

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Promotional video from the United Torah Judaism Party advocating against the High Court of Justice ruling that recognizes non-Orthodox conversions, February 2, 2021. (Credit: Courtesy)

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One Reform synagogue, Beth Shir Shalom in Miami, holds Bark Mitzvah celebrations for the congregation members’ dogs on Purim. The ceremony takes place in the synagogue parking lot and not in the sanctuary; thus, there is no chance of a dog having an accident in the synagogue. Bark Mitzvah dogs are given certificates, and the dogs’ family members bark and say a prayer.

Temple Kehillat Chaim, a Reform temple in Atlanta, uses the Bark Mitzvah celebration as a way to raise money. The synagogue sponsored a “Bark Mitzvah Day” fundraiser in 2003, in which about 60 dogs competed in a dog-show spin-off, with “Most Jewish” as one of the competition’s categories.

One should not be sure that a liberal judge won’t grant human status to dogs. It already occurred that a liberal judge in Argentina gave an Orangutan “Personhood”. See Argentina Judge Grants an Orangutan “Personhood”, But A New York City Judge Denies “Happy the Elephant”, The Rights of a Person