If Yigal Amir Shot Blank Bullets. Who Really Shot Yitzchak Rabin? Prof. Kedar says it was Y.R. , Nachum Shachaf Identifies Y.R.

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צילום : HARNIK NATI\GPO   Yigal Amir Reenacting the Shooting of Blank Bullets at the Rabin Rally. Of course this is not the “official version” of the events.

Two years ago, Dr. Moti Kedar an Israeli scholar of Arabic culture and lecturer at Bar-Ilan University at a rally claimed that Yigal Amir did not shoot Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin. Instead he claimed a man named Y.R. shot Rabin. See https://www.theyeshivaworld.com/news/israel-news/1795745/controversy-dr-moti-kedar-says-yigal-amir-did-not-assassinate-yitzchak-rabin-says-man-is-y-r.html
This year an article appeared in Hebrew at https://www.inn.co.il/news/529535 by Nachum Shachaf claiming that Amir was already in custody, when the real shooting according to medical analysis took place.
In any case in that article he mentions explicitly the name of Rabin’s guard, who it is claimed did the actual shooting. For those who are curious and read Hebrew, go to https://www.inn.co.il/news/529535 to read the name.

Vilnagaon.org prefers that others deal with the legal consequences of naming names.

Shachaf also claimed Leah Rabin mentions in her book that it appeared that Yitzchak was not hurt by Yigal Amir and was told by government “Shabak” agents that it was just a gimmick and he was being taken to Shabak headquarters and not to the hospital.

A summary of some of the problems with the official version of events can be found currently at Yitzhak Rabin assassination conspiracy theories