Above 600,000 Israelis Protest in Jerusalem to Weaken the Power of the Judicial Activist Dictators Who Run the Supreme Court. – Gov. Ron Desantis in Israel: The USA Should Not Butt in.

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According to the Hebrew web site https://www.0404.co.il/?p=882758 more than 600,000 Israelis came to the Jerusalem protest near the Knesset, demanding Judicial Reform to weaken the power of the Judicial Activist Dictators who dominate the Supreme Court.

Trump’s former US Ambassador to Israel, a supporter of the Oslo Terror Accords ignoring the results of the recent election had pressured Israel not to enact Judicial Reforms.

Biden with Obama

It is also well known that Biden too, has meddled into Israeli politics to stop any weakening of the Left-wing oligarchs that control Israel’s society.

Report: Former US Amb. David Friedman (appointed by Trump) criticizes judicial reform

‘Pro-Israel’ former ambassador who pushed for US embassy in Jerusalem says judicial reforms ‘go too far for me and for many Americans.’

In contrast Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis told a conference in Jerusalem:

We must also, in America, respect Israel’s right to make its own decisions about its own governance.

You’re a smart country, you figure it out. It shouldn’t be for us to butt in to these important issues.

For the full (Relatively) Pro-Israel remarks by Florida Governor Ron Desantis, see: https://flgov.com/2023/04/27/governor-ron-desantis-delivers-keynote-address-in-jerusalem-to-commemorate-the-75th-anniversary-of-the-founding-of-israel/