President Truman Put an Arms Embargo on The Newly Formed State of Israel that Nearly Wiped Out the Jewish State.

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President Truman

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When President Harry Truman decided to support partition and later recognized Israel eleven minutes after David Ben-Gurion declared independence, he faced intense opposition within his own cabinet. Secretary of Defense James Forrestal reiterated Arabist fears regarding oil supplies and Secretary of State George Marshall threatened not to vote for Truman’s reelection. Truman overruled them because he wanted to help Holocaust survivors, believed in redeeming past promises to support a Jewish state and he thought partitioning Palestine would lead to peace. Still, he was convinced to impose an arms embargo that severely hampered Israel’s ability to defend itself.

To see an example of how bad the Truman arms embargo was see, the post, The Four Pilots that Saved the Land of Israel.

I am raising this point now as a supplement to another post entitled Regarding Relying on Non-Jewish “Friends” to Support Israel which needs to be reviewed in light of the new meeting between Biden and Bennett