A Benefit of Prophecy and Prayer is That They Supply Us With a Means For Identifying “the Hand” of the Holy Blessed be He, in History and Help Us Adjust Our Lifestyle in Accordance to What We Discern

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A Wikipedia Picture of the Blessing Uttered by the Cohanim
A Wikipedia Picture of the Blessing Uttered by the Cohanim

And it came to pass that all the Earth had one language and one speech [Bereishit / Genesis 11:1].

Rashi comments:

AND ONE SPEECH — They came with one counsel, and said: “Not all depends on Him [i.e., He has no right] to select for himself the highest regions; let us ascend to the skies and make war upon Him”.

Another explanation [of ONE SPEECH] they were against the Unique One of the Universe.

Another interpetation [of ONE SPEECH] is: they said, “Once in every one thousand six hundred and fifty six years [the period that elapsed from the Creation of Adam to the Flood] the firmament totters, just as it did in the days of the Flood. Come, let us make supports for it”[Genesis Rabbah 38:6].

harveyUsing the Forces of Nature as an Excuse to Ignore or Rebel Against the Holy One Blessed Be He

According to Rashi’s last interpretation, the people at the time of the Rebellion of the Tower of Babel {Bavel} understood that the flood was an unusual thing. But they interpreted the event in a way that allowed them to rebel against or ignore what G-d demands from us.

When the prophet warns that a certain people will receive a certain reward or punishment, such as the warnings of Moses to Pharaoh before the 10 plagues, he is actually helping to identify “the hand” of the Holy One Blessed Be He, in history so that we will notice him, and act according to his will.

Also when we pray that the Holy One Blessed Be He, will give us a certain blessing, etc., we take action to identify the hand of the Holy One Blessed Be He in history, and so when G-d gives us what we ask for, we will thank Him and not rebel against Him, and we will not ignore Him.

If you have followed the posts of this web site, you will get a good picture of what spiritual corrections, the Holy One Blessed Be He, wants, when he inflicted upon the world, the Corona or Covid 19 plague, massive fires in the western part of the United States as well as massive hurricanes.

Let us not be like the generation of the Tower of Babel {Bavel} that ignored the spiritual message behind the Biblical Flood and merely focused on trying to counteract the blind forces of nature.

Clarification: The Holy One Blessed Be He, does not have a body. “The hand of G-d” is a metaphor.