‘Pfizer vaccine is neither safe nor effective,’ says ex-head of Israel Institute for Biological Research. He in the past got 3 Pfizer Jabs.

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source: https://www.israelnationalnews.com/news/364671

Professor Shmuel Shapira, who headed the Israel Institute for Biological Research from 2013 to 2021, and led Israel’s domestic coronavirus vaccine development program, has castigated the Health Ministry both over its push to impose lockdowns in 2020 and 2021, as well its support for the mass-vaccination campaign beginning in December 2020.

In a series of tweets, Professor Shapira criticized the Health Ministry for deeming Pfizer’s mRNA vaccines safe and effective, and lamented having received three doses of the vaccine himself.

“I am telling the unpleasant truth…about the vaccine that is neither effective nor safe,” Shapira wrote.

“I was wrong 3 times: In the first shot, in the second shot, and in the third shot. Who said that those who are injected do not admit that they were wrong?”

“People keep forgetting Israel was ‘volunteered’ as the Lab of the World. There was hardly any data but very brief and minimal size clinical studies.”

“A Global Disaster. Govt. Database Shows 10,000% Increase In Cancer Reports Due To Covid Vaccines.”

“The damage caused by the coronavirus and the halting of studies in Israel (second place in the world) reveal a wave of problems in reading comprehension. So we will explain to you slowly and in easy Hebrew. Hello First Grade: Those who are opponents and victims of injecting what is ineffective and unsafe are not opponents of vaccines, and certainly not vaccine deniers.”

For the continuation of the article see: https://www.israelnationalnews.com/news/364671

Comment: President Trump wanted to get the “credit” for the “warp speed” approval of the mRNA vaccines, so if they turn out to be dangerous, you know who to blame. And in Israel, it appears it’s Netanyahu that gets the blame.

Comment 2 added on the 5th day of Chanuka 5783


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