Nearly 8.5 Times More Terror Fatalities Since Oslo

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Nearly 8.5 Times More Terror Fatalities Since Oslo

Rabbi Yisrael Ariel once told me (Shlomo Moshe Scheinman) that when voting for the Knesset, I should pick the “lesser of evils party” with a realistic chance of getting into the Knesset. It is too early for me to say which party is the lesser of evils.

I also owe a debt of gratitude to Rabbi Dov Lior and Rabbi Meir Mazuz for giving their haskama to an article I wrote concerning Shmitta and until now they have not joined up with Feiglin.
In the next election, there might be a new factor in play that wasn’t there in previous elections.

Nevertheless, as far as getting the facts is concerned Moshe Feiglin is a good source of info.
Here’s a quote from him at
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Why argue when you can just present the facts? As we approach Israel’s 70th Memorial Day, Social Security and the Defense Ministry have publicized statistics regarding the number of civilians who have been murdered in terror attacks since Israel was established. Here are the numbers:

Since Israel was established, 3134 civilians have been murdered in terror attacks. This number does not include fallen soldiers.

According to the Social Security 2007 “Civilian Casualties of Acts of Hatred” document, the total number of terror fatalities from 1947 until 1993 – in other words – just before the establishment of the State of Israel until the Oslo Accords – was 578.

A quick calculation shows that despite the obvious improvement in Israel’s internal security since Operation Defensive Shield in 2002, the ratio between the casualties in the 46 years until Oslo and the 24 years since Oslo is 4.4 times more terror fatalities since Oslo. The average casualties per year before Oslo were 12.5 citizens murdered by terrorists annually. Since Oslo, the yearly average is 106 citizens murdered annually. In other words, the updated ratio of the average annual number of terror fatalities prior to and subsequent to the Oslo Accords – civilians alone – is 8.475 times more murdered civilians annually since Oslo. This is based on the updated, official data of Israel’s Social Security.

Nearly eight and a half times more terror murder victims. That is what we have gotten from Oslo to date. This is not a political opinion. It is simply the cold, hard facts.