Netanyahu Coalition to Promote Law Prohibiting Investigation of Sitting Prime Minister

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I am not a supporter of Netanyahu but I think such a law is good. I think the judicial establishment in Israel is super-biased in favor of the left and that the decision to prosecute or not prosecute crimes is often a product of left-wing political considerations.
In addition at least the media and I claim also the legal establishment made a deal with Sharon. You Prime Minister Sharon break your election mandate and expel the Jews from Gush Katif and we of the left will keep quiet about your corruption scandals.
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See also: Etrog (disambiguation)
Etrog has become an epithet in the Israeli politics for a politician whom journalists prefer not to criticize in order to pave his way to a certain political position, or in order to promote common interests.

The first use of this metaphor is attributed to the Israeli journalist Amnon Abramovich. In February 2005, during Ariel Sharon’s campaign to promote his disengagement plan, Abramovich (who supported the plan) said that Israeli journalists should treat Sharon like an “Etrog”: as long as the disengagement plan was not completed they should cherish him and refrain from attacking him, but once the plan was carried out they should treat him like an etrog after the holiday [of Sukkot] is over, i.e. stop protecting him.[1] This metaphor caught on quickly, and today it is not uncommon to use the term as a verb, e.g. “The press etrogs certain ministers” (לְאַתְרֵג).
I don’t want future Prime Ministers to feel they have to do radical leftwing politics to avoid sitting in Jail.