Most Religious Jews : It Is Not Anti-Semitic for Elon Musk to Oppose Socialist Billionaire George Soros

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Those who wish to silence Musk were like the “little boy that cried wolf” and falsely accused Musk of Anti-Semitism on this issue.

Most of the talkbacks to the article on this religious site (at the time of this post), took the side of Elon Musk.
The article also makes the point:

Making things even more interesting, Ashley St. Clair of the satirical The Babylon Bee, asked, “Was Netanyahu being anti-Semitic when he blamed Soros for the anti-deportation campaign in Israel?” She linked to a Jerusalem Post article about Netanyahu’s comments against the far-left billionaire.

Comment: George Soros has unleashed a violent crime wave on Israeli Jews through his efforts to oppose deportation of illegals.

Comment #2: Religious Jews more frequently experience real Anti-Semitism!

To quote from

Experiences with anti-Semitism

In addition to questions about their views on anti-Semitism in the U.S., the survey asked respondents about their experiences in the past year with five specific forms of anti-Semitism. Nearly four-in-ten Jews say they have seen anti-Jewish graffiti or vandalism in their communities (37%). Roughly one-in-five report having been made to feel unwelcome because they are Jewish, while 15% say they have been called offensive names, 8% say they have been harassed online and 5% say they have been physically threatened or attacked. All told, 51% of U.S. Jews report at least one of these five types of encounters over the past year.

Jews by religion are more likely than Jews of no religion to say they have faced these situations, and three-quarters of Orthodox Jews report having experienced at least one of these incidents. This may be explained, at least in part, by the fact that Orthodox Jews are more likely than other Jews to report wearing distinctively Jewish attire, such as a kippa; Jews who wear distinctively Jewish attire report higher rates of experiences with anti-Semitism.

That is to say religious Jews have the most to lose by replacing true definitions of hate crimes against Jews with fake ones.

In an article entitled It Is a mitzvah to condemn George Soros, Rabbi Prof. Dov Fischer stated: I invite Elon Musk to quote me, the next time ADL’s Greenblatt says it is “anti-Semitic” to attack that apostate.

Acording to Rabbi Prof. Dov Fischer:

Since it seems that non-Jews cannot speak the truth about that apostate without being tarred-and-feathered as “anti-Semitic,” it therefore falls upon established rabbis with authentic Jewish lifetime bona fides, like yours truly, to assert unequivocally that it is a mitzvah (a righteous act) — not “anti-Semitism” — to castigate George Soros for his radical attempts to undermine public safety, the American republic, and the Jewish country Israel. (I refuse to call Israel a “state.” It is a country, not Iowa or Delaware.)…

In Israel, too, his evil and toxic hand poisons everything he touches. He has heavily funded J Street — no surprise there — an organization that works closely with boycott, divestment, sanctions advocates and that honors Israel-haters as invited guest speakers at J Street annual conferences. In Israel, Soros’s Open Society Foundation has donated to organizations accusing Israel of human rights violations and war crimes, such as “Breaking the Silence” and “Adalah.” In a 2016 leak of OSF emails, staffers said they sought to weaken ties between Israel and the EU and sow doubt about Israeli democracy. He is noxious.