Regarding the Damage of Providing a Moral Stamp of Approval to the LGBT Agenda

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post revised: 8th of Tishrei 5783 = Oct. 3 2022

Dr. Elliot Resnick in an article at applauds Yeshiva University for so far refusing to support an LGBT club on its undergraduate campus. However, he urged Yeshiva University, to take an even stricter stance against LGBT activists. He also points out that one is not “helping” the LGBT sinner by supporting his or her sins. Regarding the T sin of LGBT, he cites a Swedish study that people who undergo surgical excision of intimate body parts are 19 times more likely to commit suicide than the general population.

It Is Not True That All LGBT Sinners Were Destined to Be That Way From Birth

We believe in free will. Some individuals might be born with a greater inclination towards a particular transgression but they have the power to overcome their inclinations.

Many others were not even born with an inclination for LGBT sins but were indoctrinated into this way of life.

A secular news publication reported for example that a California mother has taken legal action against a school district with the claim that staffers manipulated her middle-school daughter into aligning as transgender, namely, they encouraged her to change her name, pronouns and gender identity behind her mother’s back.

Jessica Konen filed a claim last week against the Spreckels Union School District, two teachers and a principal seeking damage penalties for intentional infliction of emotional distress and civil-rights violations over policies she says allowed the staff to brain-wash her daughter into identifying as transgender starting in sixth grade.

By taking a firm moral stand that LGBT is unacceptable, a lot of children will be saved from long-term emotional and spiritual harm, because these abuses are harder to perform, when society is clear that LGBT is the wrong way of life.

Gallup Poll

I realize that polls can be twisted in one direction or another, where right-wing news sites might structure their polls to favor the right, while left-wing news sites tend to structure their polls to favor the left. Nevertheless, polls are valuable in showing trends in public opinion. In turns out in the last 20 years a Gallup poll shows that in line with the decreasing number of people who express moral disapproval of LGBT, the U.S.A. public, has shown a great increase in people who support LGBT marriage. Then in the name of equality, LGBT activists have turned the tables and used the government to persecute, religious institutions, such as, Yeshiva University.

By not making it black and white that LGBT sinners are guilty of immoral activities, liberal religious leaders weaken the moral disapproval of the public towards the LGBT sins and “feeds the forces of persecution”.

I found an excerpt on the prohibition of Chanufa at 

Issur Chanufa
Flattery of a Sinner

Anyone who sees another Jew violating an issur and flatters him, whether with words or some gesture that indicates his approval, or even if he remains silent and does not reprove him for the sin, has transgressed not only the mitzvah of tochacha, but also according to some opinions the prohibition of flattery, derived from the passuk: “V’lo Sachanifu es Ho’oretz asher atem bo, Do not sully the land with flattery” (Bamidbar 35:33). By implying that we approve of the sinner’s misdeeds, our allegiance to HaShem comes under question, since a servant cannot love his master if he loves his master’s enemies.
Flattery that is prohibited includes: praising resha’im (wicked ones) or wickedness, praising someone in a way that will cause him to sin or will reinforce his error, “buttering up” someone so that he will trust you and you can then deceive him, and praising your child or other relative when he or she is doing wrong.

The Reason Why It is More Important That Religious Leaders Take the Lead in this Struggle

Most people when they are honest with themselves understand that secularists make up their moral standards based on what type of system of actions and prohibitions ends up helping, themselves, their friends, and their allies.

Secular claims of good and evil have no real claim to be moral, more than the other guy who sets of friends, interests, and allies leads him to hold an opposite view on morality.

The Sabbath observant individual is expected to be the representative of an objective Biblical morality, as opposed to the “jokers” who are just blabbing about their personal set of likes and dislikes. So, when the Sabbath observant politician or leader says something which strengthens evil, it is a bigger blow to the truth; it is much more likely to confuse people about what is really right and what is wrong.