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Man is called ”walking”; and makes constant progress,
and if he doesn’t rise -inevitably, he has to fall – to Proverbs

During his ascent (= the age of his development), man chases
after his passions like an ass. During his standing (= the middle
of his life), he bears the earning of his livelihood as an ox
bears a yoke. And during his descent (= old age, the end of his
life), passions are broken and wisdom grows stronger – and this
is the level of Man. For this reason, there are three types of
”firstborn”: the firstborn of an ass, the firstborn of
a bull, and the firstborn of man. Our sages hinted at them in
dividing the night into three watches. The first – an ass brays;
the second – dogs bark ”hav hav” (= livelihood); the
third – a child is weaned from his mother’s breasts (= he leaves
his evil ways and returns to the study of Torah) – the place of
understanding (according to Berakhot 10a) – to Isaiah 1:2, and so,
too, in the explanation of Taanit 23a (after savei d’vei Attuna),
section beginning d’nayim 70 sh’nin

At the age of thirteen, a soul comes to a man- to Isaiah 9:5

Checking man’s spirituality according to the pulse of his
blood – to Tikkunei Zohar, p. 156.

A person is successful in three ways: financially, physically,
mentally – to Job 4:21.

A man has the characteristics of every animal and beast in the
world, and he makes use of all seventy life forces – Adderet
Eliyahu, I/26 ”b’salmeinu”. Tikkunei Zohar Hadash 39a,
the section beginning b’hoshvan



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