Making An Image Of Celestial Bodies By Rabbi Doniel Neustadt

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Until now I have been relying on a lenient interpretation of what Rabbi Min Ha Hahar, z”l told me, that pictures that help someone in the study of astronomy are allowed. Bli Neder, I will do some more research if there is a reason to make changes concerning what type of pictures of Celestial Bodies should be displayed on this web site.

I was once a guest at the house of a very learned Jew. He told me that he asked a very big Posek if his painting of what appeared to be a painting of the Sun was permitted to be hung in his house. My host said the Posek got around the issue, by saying, that’s not a Sun, it’s a picture of an egg.

I am not issuing any halachic ruling here. Just making you aware of some of the points to talk about with the person you rely upon for halachic guidance.