Ktav Ivri – Ktav Ashuri – Did the Shape of the Hebrew Letters Change During the Time of Ezra?

Rabbi Anthony Manning discusses, the original Hebrew script (Ktav Ivri), and what we use today (Ktav Ashuri). The Gemara records a dispute as to whether the script we use today is the one in which the Torah was given.

If it’s not the original script, shouldn’t there be an issue with using a script other than the one in which the Torah was given? If it was the original script and was reinstated, how did it get lost in the first place? The Maharal and Rav Kook.

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To see Rabbi Anthony Manning’s lecture about this as a video see https://www.ou.org/torah/machshava/halacha-hashkafa-contemporary-society/ktav-ivri-ashuri-archeology/
Delivered at the OU Israel Center, 15 Cheshvan 5779
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