Jews the Victims of 60% of Religious Hate Crimes in the USA

According to

In 2017, law enforcement agencies across the United States participating in the Hate Crimes Statistics program reported 7,175 hate crime incidents involving 8,437 offenses. The number of incidents increased from 6,121 in 2016 in part because more police departments reported data to the FBI.

Hate crimes motivated by religious bias accounted for 21.8% of incidents during 2017, involving 1,009 offenders and 1,749 victims.

A breakdown of the offenses shows that 60% of religious hate crimes were anti-Jewish, 17% were anti-Islamic and 5% were anti-Catholic. Anti-Semitic hate crimes increased 37% while anti-Islamic crimes declined by 11%.

It is hard to get a precise number of the percentage of Jews out of the total population of the USA because different surveys have different definitions how to define someone as Jewish.
According to a Pew study made 5 years ago
If you define Jews only by those who practice the religion, Pew counted 4.2 million adult Jewish Americans or 1.8 percent of the total U.S. adult population.
If you use much weaker standards of who is a Jew, the article states you might be able to double or even triple that number.
In any case, we see that Jews are the victims way above their percentage of the population.

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