How Hitler Continues to Attack the Jewish Majority Decades After His Demise

How Hitler Continues to Attack the Jewish Majority Decades After His Demise

One of the failures of the Gush Emunim, settlers movement was their focus on new settlements without sufficient focus on removal of the enemies of G-d from the liberated territories of Biblical Israel. My preferred destination for them is to send them to Yemen, based on a viewpoint that Sheba of the Biblical book of Yoel/Joel 4:8 is probably Yemen and this country is listed as the future destination point of “Tyre and Sidon and all the regions of Philistia” (Yoel/Joel 4:4). Another option is to send them to Afghanistan as revenge for the World Trade Center attack, which was supported by the Taliban who ruled Afghanistan. This option might be more doable because Trump is strongly hinting he’s looking for  a fresh solution to his Afghanistan problems.

In any case, larger borders at the expense of increasing the number of residents dedicated to eliminating Israel as a Jewish state is a long-term recipe for disaster.

Don’t get me wrong I am Pro-expansion. I just don’t want the problem of the dilution of the Jewish Majority in the land of Israel, “swept under the rug”, that is to say, a workable transfer plan should accompany an expansion plan.

Hitler’s Definition of “Who is A Jew” Is Also Causing A Serious Erosion of the Jewish Majority in Israel

The Israeli government immigration policies in the last few decades like other Secular-Zionist policies has actually led to the diminishing the Jewish Majority in the land. The definition of Jew by the Israeli government is based on Hitler’s definition of Jews as opposed to the traditional definition by Torah observant Judaism (“Orthodox”). The end result is that according to JOE MILLIS, JEWISH NEWS | PUBLISHED JAN 3, 2019

“Most of the immigrants to Israel last year were not halachically Jewish, according to figures released this week by the country’s Central Bureau of Statistics.

Under Israel’s Law of Return, anyone with just one Jewish grandparent is entitled to citizenship and of the 30,300 olim last year, 12,600 were Jewish and 17,700 were not.

This policy is not just bad for pragmatic considerations. It is also a direct violation of a Torah commandment as spelled out by Chazon Ish on Shviit, siman 24.
I stress the aspect of Torah commandment, because pragmatic problems might be solved in a number of pragmatic ways. Torah prohibitions have to be solved the Torah way.

By Shlomo Moshe Scheinman