It Fits the Political Interests of Biden for Israel to Win the Battle but Lose the War against Hamas

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Biden with Obama

To quote from

Support for Biden has dropped among younger Democrats, over the president Israel policy. A majority of Democrats say Israel has gone too far in Gaza, and among voters ages 18 to 34, an astonishing 70% disapprove of Biden’s handling of the Gaza war. Overall, only 34% of all voters approve of Biden’s handling of the war, and 56% disapprove.

Here’s the problem for Biden: even if he ignores the younger Democrats, the overall approval for his Israel policy in his own party is a very slim 51%, with 41% disapproving. It gets much worse among the independent registered voters: only 31% support Biden’s Israel policy. And among Republicans, only 22% do.

If you’ve been wondering why the president is reversing his open-arms embrace of Israel’s right to defend itself, replacing it with outrageous demands to pause the war efforts for five days to allow Hamas to recuperate, and his bizarre attacks on an imagined “settler violence,” we may have just hit the reason: Biden’s pollsters have long known what NBC News has only now found out.


To be fair, Republicans at this point in time tend to be more Pro-Israel than Democrats and they probably oppose Biden’s Israel policies as being too Pro-Hamas. But within the Democratic Party, Biden is losing support for being too hostile to Hamas and the secular terrorists of the Palestinian Authority led by the Holocaust Denier, Abbas.

Recently in an op-ed for the Washington Post, U.S. President Joe Biden wrote that “Gaza and the West Bank should be reunited under a single governance structure, ultimately under a revitalized Palestinian Authority, as we all work toward a two-state solution.”

The Holocaust Denier, Abbas and the Palestinian Authority repaid Biden’s stupid statement with their own delusional statement that it was Israel that massacred the participants at the nature  (Trance) party at Re’im and not Hamas.

By encouraging Israel to win the battle but lose the war, Biden hopes to satisfy both the Pro-Israel parts of his party and the Anti-Israel factions.

It is not just Biden Who Is Pushing Israel to Win the Battle but Lose the War

As explained in the post Why Netanyahu has to go: By Moshe Feiglin January 8th, 2019 – 2nd of Sh’vat, 5779

He (Netanyahu) has to go because in exchange for his photo-op with Gilad Shalit, he freed thousands of murderers, who have already murdered more than one hundred Israelis and are at the helm of Hamas in Gaza.

During the October 7th – Shmini Atzeret Massacre of Jewish Year 5784 more than 200 hostages were taken by Hamas with the reasonable expectation that the hostages could be used to extract dangerous concessions from Israel.

The pressure for Israel to make reckless concessions to free some hostages is rapidly building up in Israel.
As emotional counter-pressure it is important to quote the words of Ohad Lapidot on Channel 14 news. He said, his daughter, Tifferet, one of the 1400 people recently murdered by Hamas was the price tag for the Gilad Shalit prisoner swap. He said, “When they freed Gilad Shalit, I did not know, I was next in line”. He turned to the families of the hostages and said, “Don’t demand we sacrifice our children, in order to save your children”.

Besides that the Gilad Shalit Deal Killed Much More People than It Saved, Here’s Another Reason to Oppose It

To quote from the post: Winning the War to Conquer the Land of Israel Overrides the Commandment of Saving Lives
The principle that winning the war to conquer the land of Israel overrides the commandment of saving lives, also explains one of the motivations of my rabbis, to oppose the various “Land for Peace” deals including Trump’s “Deal of the Century” and it also explains why they rejected the Gilad Shalit prisoner swap. I am not saying this is the only reason, just one of the reasons.