Israel Foolishly Risks Lives and Diplomatic Relations with Ethiopia to Import More Fake Jews from Ethiopia into the Holy Land

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Maor Kinsbursky/FLASH90

Unbelievable: This year, Israel secretly smuggled dozens of Ethiopian civilians in a civil war into Israel as part of a rescue operation, and after arriving in Israel, it became clear that most of them were not Jews. The Population and Immigration Authority described the operation, which endangered human life and Israel’s diplomatic relations with Ethiopia, as “a scam that exploited the system.”
The story was revealed at the same time by Michael Hauser Tov in Haaretz and by Raviv Drucker in News 13. 61 people who were presented as having Jewish roots were smuggled from the heart of the battle zone in Ethiopia, which has been in a civil war for the past year.
But soon significant doubts began to arise about them. An investigation by the Population Authority revealed that most of the immigrants came at the request of a private Israeli citizen, who wanted to bring people to Israel who ran his business, and that most of them were not Jews at all and apparently their lives were not in danger. The representatives of the Ministry of the Interior who interviewed them produced a report according to which the interviewees knew how to recite the names of their family members in Israel, but did not know how to explain the family connection to them. Some admitted that there was no real danger to their lives but that they feared that the war would reach their area and that they arrived in search of better living conditions and work.

The actions of the Government of Israel are a big sin and not a good deed. See Chazon Ish on Shviit #24 for an explanation of the Halacha.

The Jewish population of Israel is experiencing an extreme demographic problem, which produces governments like the current one, which is dependent on Arab supporters of Hamas Terrorists (the Raam Party) to maintain a majority in Parliament.

Bringing more fake Jews from Ethiopia into Israel is just adding oil to the fire. Is Aware of a Certain Objection One Might Raise to the Conclusion Presented in this Post

If one reads the additional posts presented below that objection will be answered.

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