In a Recent Interview Donald Trump “Doubles Down” On His Support for the Oslo Terror Accords {called by leftists: “Peace Accords”}

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In an article by the Jewish Press entitled: What Else Did Trump Have to Say about Bibi? it was reported:

Over the weekend, News12 revealed a great deal more about the Trump-Netanyahu relationship, which may throw new light on more serious policy conflicts between the two men who for most of their careers considered themselves each other’s great friends (the text is translated from Hebrew).

“What did you think when Bibi started talking about annexing parts of the West Bank?” Ravid asked Trump in the interview that was conducted shortly after the Nov. 2020 election.

“I was angry and stopped it because it had already gone too far when he did the ‘Let’s annex everything and build on it,’ and we were not happy about that,” Trump answered.

“I heard that in your first meeting you told him, ‘What’s the problem if you stop construction for a certain period, a year, two years?’ Stop construction in the settlements – and he was not really happy about it,” Ravid said.

“Exactly. I told him, why are you doing this?” Trump said, and added, “Bibi did not want to make a deal. Even recently, when we came up with the maps and everything, he said, ‘It’s good, it’s good,’ everything was always great, but he didn’t really want to make a deal. I don’t know if he didn’t want an agreement for political or for other reasons. It’s too bad he didn’t say he didn’t want a deal, because a lot of people were dedicated to the process and worked very hard. But I don’t think Bibi was ever going to sign a deal. That’s my opinion. I think the general (Benny Gantz) wanted to make a deal.”

See also another article by a left of center web site, that shows how big an enemy of Judea and Samaria was Trump from the outset and the normalization with the UAE was offered as a bribe to Netanyahu along with threats to refrain from helping Israel at the International Criminal Court in Hague, in order to prevent any annexation plans of parts of Biblical Judea and Samaria. Bibi Netanyahu caved in to pressure and violated his election pledge to build and annex in those areas.

Conclusion, People Who Are Really Pro-Israel and Not Fake Pro-Israel Should Start Searching For a Better Candidate

Any revised version of the Oslo Terror Accords is just putting sugar coating on poison. If you don’t believe me Oslo is poison see, Victims of Palestinian Violence and Terrorism since September 2000; and it is probable that the web site is seriously understating the problem for political reasons since it is a government web site. This is in addition to our general opposition to peace treaties at the expense of the Holy Land of Israel and that promote Islam at the expense of Judaism.

The U.S.A. Was Recently Hit by Deadly Tornadoes.

For Bible believers who are looking for possible spiritual causes, see Hurricane Katrina, Harvey, and the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process by Ariel Natan Pasko

It is possible that Mr. Trump’s recent foul-mouthed interview in favor of the Oslo Terror Accords was “the straw that broke the camel’s back” from a Divine perspective.

atomic bombIt is Dangerous for the USA to Support 2 State Solutions

The Biblical book of Yoel (Joel) Chapter 4 as translated by states:
For lo! in those days And in that time, When I restore the fortunes Of Judah and Jerusalem,
I will gather all the nations And bring them down to the Valley of Jehoshaphat. There I will contend with them Over My very own people, Israel, Which they scattered among the nations. For they divided My land among themselves.

Dividing Biblical Israel is a crime for which the nations will be punished.

See also Why G-d let Bin-Laden Succeed! A Jewish Perspective on the Destruction of the World Trade Center in New York for greater details of why America’s support for the Oslo Terror Accords brought and brings disaster to America

Maybe You Might Want to Let Donald Trump Know How Outraged You Are Over His Support for Palestinian Terrorism

In his recent interview Trump goes so far as saying about Mahmoud Abbas, who is a Holocaust Denier and a financial supporter of Palestinian Terrorists, “I had a great meeting with him. And we spent a lot of time together, talking about many things. And it was almost like a father. I mean, he was so nice, couldn’t have been nicer.
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