Press conference on GSS (Shabak) detained minors in Israel

Press conference on GSS (Shabak) detained minors

Honenu Lawyers
Honenu Lawyers

Thursday, January 10, 2019, 12:17 At a press conference on Thursday, January 10, Honenu Attorneys Adi Keidar, Chai Haber and Amir Bracha and Attorney Itamar Ben Gvir leveled criticism at how the GSS handled the investigation into the rock-throwing incident for which students of the yeshiva in Rechalim were suspected and announced that they would continue their efforts to release the remaining detainee, whose remand has been extended by six days.
Honenu Attorney Keidar opened the press conference and said, “The police announced that they have requested the release of four out of the five youths suspected of murder. I think that there is no need to go into detail about what this means. This means that what we claimed from the first moment was correct, and there had been no need to detain these youths, who were not connected in any way to the incident. We are saddened, angered and hurting, but we will not give up until the remaining detainee has the same status as the others. Already today we will demand that the court release him immediately.”
Honenu Attorney Haber added, “I fully expect that, after an incident such as this in which the GSS, after they came out with headlines like they did, understood that there is nothing to the case, that they genuinely put their house in order. After all of the recent cases in which confessions were invalidated by the courts and their scandalous methods came to light, they must get their house in order and prevent the future suffering of others. That is my hope.”
Attorney Ben Gvir stated that, “The case collapsed. We said the same thing the entire length of the case. My colleagues Attorneys Keidar, Haber and Bracha, and other attorneys who handled these cases and I, have said explicitly that they [the GSS] have nothing. And our claims only strengthened after we saw the spins, after the GSS leaked details of the interrogations from an investigative case, violated the gag order and went to journalists with one spin or another. They were under pressure, and they understood why they were under pressure.”
“My client, like the clients of the others, sat for close to two weeks in the dungeons of the GSS. They spit on him, sexually harassed him, and did all sorts of things which are not allowed in a democratic state. So they didn’t crush limbs or stretch limbs. This is not Duma. But still the GSS interrogators crossed a red line. And my question is, who will return those two weeks to him? Who will heal his emotional scars? Who will heal the trauma that he experienced?
“I think that not only the GSS personnel, who as it turned out today gratuitously persecuted a yeshiva, violated the Youth Law, and yesterday raided the yeshiva for no reason, should be penalized. To what school in north Tel Aviv would they do such a thing? Where is the National Council for the Child? Where is the Minister of Education? One thing must be understood. Someone here must get his house in order. And someone here must reach the correct conclusions. And we turn to the politicians of the State of Israel to stop the unacceptable conduct of the GSS.
“You all should know one thing. Today it was these children. Tomorrow it could be any child in the State of Israel. This violation of human rights must be stopped.”
Honenu Attorney Amir Bracha, who is representing the detainee whose remand was extended, stated: “I am representing the suspect whose remand was extended by six days, and that is in deliberate disregard for the alibi which was proven. He was with the other individuals [detained in the case], but nevertheless his remand was extended. Of course an appeal will be filed with the district court, which will examine whether or not the distinction between this suspect and the rest of the suspects who were released is correct. At this stage we will meet at the district court.”
The father of S., whose remand was extended, told the press, “The court continues to adroitly ignore our sons solid alibi. The GSS chose our son as the victim. We don’t know why. Because they don’t know how to lose with honor, they have to show that they have something else.
“Insights have been revealed to us over the past few days with regards to the ability of certain systems in the rule of law in the State of Israel to conduct themselves recklessly and to take advantage of their power. This behavior is apparently for their political careers, and on the way they trample innocent youths and damage their lives and their emotional health. These insights are shocking. We believe our son completely. We are sure that he will be released within a few days because they don’t have anything on him. And I hope that someone will be penalized for the damage with which we will have to cope afterwards.”

Honenu is one of the few organizations that is standing up to persecution of Jewish settlers and soldiers by the left-wing establishment. I include Bibi Netanyahu as part of the left-wing, because he has expelled Jews from parts of Hebron, voted for the Gush Katif expulsion, and violently expelled Jews from Amona on more than one occasion. Bibi has come out in favor of a 2 State solution and his actions indicate he along with Trump are planning to divide Jerusalem (such is the claim about Trump in Hadashot 13 news) . Zionists please do not donate your money to fake Zionist organizations that say they are pro-Israel but actually support harming the settlers and/or the Jewish identity of the state!
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Comment by Shlomo Moshe Scheinman:
Recently a close relative of one of my neighbors (Hadas Tapuchi) was killed in a collision with a truck.

Hadas Tapuchi
Hadas Tapuchi

The suspicion is that the driver went into the wrong lane because rocks were thrown at her by Arabs and the driver’s attempt to avoid the rocks led to her veer into another lane which caused the collision.

rocks found near the scene of the accident

Rocks were found on the road near the incident and here is a picture of the rocks in the video by Radio Kol Chai .
In a Hebrew article at
it was claimed that a professional tracker agreed rocks were thrown and this was a place frequently subject to Arab rock attacks.

Let’s see if the Israeli (Shabak) investigates that murder accusation with the same methods they use against the settlers. In the past pressure had to be put on the legal establishment before they would thoroughly investigate accusations of murder, when the victim was Jewish. In this case also the initial reaction of the legal authorities was to define this incident as just a simple accident.


The deaths of Asher and Yonatan Palmer occurred on 23 September 2011, when a Palestinian stone throwing attack caused Asher, aged 24, to lose control of a vehicle he was driving near the Israeli settlement of Kiryat Arba in the West Bank, killing him and his infant son. Initially thought to be an accident, it was later deemed a terrorist attack by the Israel Police.
The police initially believed the deaths of Asher Palmer and his son were accidental and a result of driver error.[7] However, they later concluded that the deaths were caused by rocks thrown at their vehicle and classified the incident as a terror attack. The Defense Ministry stated that the dead would be recognized as terror victims.[15]

The attack was investigated by a Hebron District police force that dealt with incidents of rocks being hurled at Israeli vehicles from moving cars, this being the 18th case of such attacks. Investigators found a hole in the car’s windshield consistent with a rock’s entry point. Three rocks were found in the car, and one of them blood-stained, analysis determining that it was human blood. The fractures to Palmer’s skull and facial injuries were also assessed and an autopsy on Asher Palmer’s body revealed injuries consistent with rock projectile.[5][7][16]

The police were criticized for their initial report of the attack. Settlement leaders said that the police had denied that this was a terror attack to maintain the public order. Minister of the Knesset, Michael Ben Ari, said that the police were fearful of violent protests and the brother-in-law of Asher, Aharon Peretz suggested that the police did not describe this as a terror attack so as not to “fan the flames” and said of Asher, “He never fought with anyone. He was a quiet and special man and this is a great loss.”[5]

The mayor of Kiryat Arba, Malachi Levinger, called on the security forces to stop the stone-throwing which endangered lives. He said, “There are tens of thousands of Jews driving to Hebron to pray these days, and their safety must be protected,” Danny Dayan demanded the publication of the report saying the public, the media or the bereaved family had not been informed of the true events and that the murder had been covered up.[5][6]

On the way back from the levaya (the first stage in a funeral) for Hadas Tapuchi, the car of another settler family was stoned by Arabs from the town of Chowara

The Hebrew news site KolHayehudi reports that the car of one of the settlers was stoned by Arabs from the town of Chowara (I can’t vouch that this is the best transliteration of the name) on the way back from the levaya of Tapuchi. One stone hit the door of the car but did not penetrate inside to the 1 year old baby sitting by the door.
The frequency of Arab rock attacks on Jews should be another reason to raise our suspicion over what led to the death of Hadas Tapuchi. Besides the impact on road security if it could be proven that Hadas died because of Terror, then the family of Hadas would be eligible for money that is given Terror victims.
The settlement of Ateret, where Tapuchi lived is raising funds for a legal battle over the case.
The email of the secretary of the settlement of Ateret is
Fax 08-9230268 or when contacting outside of Israel 972-8-9230268

Hadas Tapuchi with her husband and children
Hadas Tapuchi with her husband and children

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