Historical Revisionism by the Families of Rav Kook’s Disciples: Three Case Studies by Rabbi Eitam Henkin HY”D

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Three famous rabbis with personal connections to Rabbi AY HaCohen
Kook, to his inner circle, and to his yeshiva, are discussed in this article.
While these rabbis never denied their connections to Rav Kook, their descendants—for
various ideological and educational purposes—strove to
rewrite their ancestors’ histories by eliminating references to Rav Kook
or to his yeshiva, Mercaz HaRav.
This revisionism is tightly correlated with the split of the Orthodox
population in Israel into a Ḥaredi community on the one hand and a national
(Zionist) religious community on the other.

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Conclusion by Shlomo Moshe Scheinman:
When certain elements of the anti-Rabbi Kook community make statements such as, “All the Gedolim said” or “All the Gedolim favor or don’t favor …” be a little suspicious to check if that indeed is the historical reality.