A Half Century Ago the Opposition to Interfaith Intermarriage Was Strong Enough to Cancel “The Bridget Loves Bernie Show” – Now with Biden’s Mental Decline We Might Be Facing This Year A “President Bridget”

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Picture of BidenA secular Web Site “The Hill” reported already half a year ago:
An NBC News poll found that 68 percent are concerned that Biden, 80, does not possess the “necessary” mental and physical health to serve as president, with 55 percent saying they have “major” concerns. By comparison, 32 percent said that they have minor or no concerns with Biden’s health.

Recently Yeshiva World News gave another big example of Biden’s Mental Decline.


Section 4 of the 25th Amendment to the constitution as summed up by Wikipedia allows the vice president, together with a “majority of either the principal officers of the executive departments or of such other body as Congress may by law provide”, to issue a written declaration that the president is unable to discharge his duties. Immediately upon such a declaration being sent to Congress, the vice president becomes acting president.
So in theory if Biden’s mental decline gets worse we might up end up having a President Kamala Harris. Kamala Harris is intermarried with a Jew name Doug Emhoff.

Vice President Harris Who Might Become President If Biden is too Senile to Serve
Quote from Wikipedia about “Bridget Loves Bernie”:
The series was controversial because of the differing faiths of the married characters. Some Jewish groups charged that the series “mocked the teachings of Judaism.”[2][3] Rabbi Wolfe Kelman, executive vice-president of the Rabbinical Assembly of America, called the show “an insult to some of the most sacred values of both the Jewish and Catholic religions.”[4] Rabbi Meir Kahane wrote an essay on the series.[5] Orthodox rabbis met with CBS officials several times. A Conservative rabbi organized a boycott by advertisers, and Reform rabbis met with CBS staff in secret to have the show canceled. Rabbi Abraham Gross, president of the Rabbinical Alliance of Orthodox Rabbis and Educators, described the show as a “flagrant insult” to Jews, protesting that intermarriage was strictly forbidden under Jewish law.

For more background on why Torah Observant Judaism opposes intermarriage see:

One should be aware that the Heretical “Reform” Movement and some elements of the so-called “Conservative” Movement (a less radical version of “Reform” mixed together with some traditional values) no longer oppose intermarriage, although many of them did oppose this a half century ago.

Comment by the editor: Given the fundamental differences between Judaism and Catholic Christianity on the definition of G-d, Israel, and the Sabbath, it was inappropriate for Rabbi Wolfe Kelman to be a spokesman for the Catholics on what is sacred and what is not (on the assumption that Wikipedia reported his statement accurately). If I want to judge him for the benefit of the doubt, perhaps Wikipedia took Rabbi Kelman’s words out of context.

New Addition: Tzvi Fishman copied Rabbi Meir Kahane’s essay WHAT MAKES BERNIE RUN? within his article: Beyond Words – Rabbi Meir Kahane at His Very Best. Click here to access it.