Gideon Sa’ar of Netanyahu’s Likud Party Claims He Observes Shabbat (Shabbos)
Gideon Sa'ar
Former Education Minister and one of the higher ups in the Likud party Gideon Sa’ar recently did an interview with the weekly periodical “Olam Katan” in which he related to the importance of Shabbos and how he observes it each week.

“I really enjoy keeping Shabbos,” Sa’ar said. “From my standpoint, anyone who leads a very intense lifestyle needs this weekly break. It has a very high value now even more than usual.”

Sa’ar said that he took this step after a Rabbi who was supposed to be the Sandak at his son’s Bris was ill and unable to attend. He decided that he would be the Sandak but the officiating Rabbi said that a Sandak has to keep Shabbos. “I had already been thinking about beginning to observe Shabbos, so I took upon myself at that instant to begin keeping Shabbos. The Rabbi told me that it wasn’t just the upcoming one that I need to keep but all of them. I agreed and that is when I began observing Shabbos.”
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