The Gap Between World War I and World War II is the Gap Between the Collision of Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 with Tzedek/Jupiter and Israel’s Surprise Elections

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The Gap Between World War I and World War II is the Gap Between the Collision of Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 with Tzedek/Jupiter and Israel’s Surprise Elections

In a previous post I pointed out that World War II started on the Hebrew date of the 17th of Elul and the upcoming surprise election in Israel is on the 17th of Elul, the 17th of September, this year.
Here is an excerpt:

Israeli Elections are on The 17th of Elul. This is the Date When Yehoshua and Calev benefitted from the death of 10 Religious Anti-Zionists

In an amazing coincidence in history, there is a linkage between World War I and World War II and the fate of the Biblical spies (meraglim) that Moshe (Moses) sent on a spy mission to spy out the land of Israel for the sake of fulfilling the Biblical commandment to conquer the land of Israel. This commandment according to Ramban’s addition to Sefer Hamitzvot still exists to this very day (although the Vilna Gaon told his followers that different tactics such as land purchases, Jewish agricultural development and establishing new settlements in Israel would be the emphasis for successful conquest in contrast to the military tactics used by Yehoshua. More details about these new tactics are explained at ).

Some commentaries add that besides getting valuable military information a second goal of Moshe when he sent out the spies on their mission was to provide a positive report about the land of Israel to encourage the nation to desire to enter the country, despite the risks.

What is the linkage between World War I and World War II and the fate of the Biblical spies?

Germany declared war in World War I on the Hebrew date 9th of Av, 5674 = Sat, 1 August 1914

Germany started World War II on the Hebrew date  17th of Elul, 5699 = Fri, 1 September 1939

In Biblical history on the 9th of Av, the children of Israel accepted the evil report about the land of Israel from the 10 Anti-Zionist Spies that Moshe (Moses) sent and rejected the positive report about the Land of Israel from the 2 remaining spies that were sent on the spy mission, namely,  Yehoshua and Calev (Joshua and Caleb).

According to Jewish tradition on the 17th of Elul (Shulchan Aruch, O.C.581:2), the 10 Religious Anti-Zionist spies who spread an evil report about the land of Israel died in a plague. The symptoms of that plague were measure for measure for their evil report (see Bamidbar {Numbers} 14:37 with Rashi’s commentary).

Yehoshua and Calev that brought back a positive report about the land of Israel actually benefitted from that plague.

In Bamidbar (Numbers) 14:38 the verse states: “But Yehoshua the son of Nun and Calev the son of Yephunneh remained alive of the men who went to tour the Land”. Rashi comments. What does Scripture mean by saying, “remained alive of the men”? It teaches that they took the spies’ portion in the Land, and stood in their place for life” (see also Talmud Baba Batra 118b which affirms this idea).

comet striking JupiterFrom July 16 through July 22, 1994, fragments of Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 collided with Tzedek/Jupiter. In the time zone of Jerusalem, the first fragment hit the planet around 10:00 P.M. on the evening of the ninth of Av, Jewish Year 5754

World War II broke out on the Hebrew Lunar calendar 38 Days after the 25th anniversary of Germany’s Declaration of War on the Hebrew date 9th of Av, 5674 = Sat, 1 August 1914.

This is the same gap in time between the first fragment of Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 colliding with Tzedek/Jupiter and Israel’s surprise elections which will fall 17th of Elul, 5779.

I have a hunch that this might be significant but I do not have proof from any Jewish source that this is significant.

What adds to my suspicion is the timing of the comet. It collided with Tzedek/Jupiter at the same time that the Israeli government announced over radio that they were going to sign a “Peace Treaty” with Jordan, which would give the Jordanian Muslims permanent control of the holiest place in the world, namely, the Temple Mount.

In my viewpoint this was a terrible decision and I even put an Ad in one of the local newspapers protesting the decision, when the treaty was about to be signed. Hashem willing, I plan to write about some of my reasons against this decision in a future post.

If someone believes they have a real source that makes a more stronger connection between the World I – World II time gap, with the other time gap I wrote about please write to me at:

Addition 1 –

The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs provides the final wording concerning the Temple Mount that was concluded in the treaty with Jordan


Each party will provide freedom of access to places of religious and historical significance.
In this regard, in accordance with the Washington Declaration, Israel respects the present special role of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in Muslim Holy shrines in Jerusalem. When negotiations on the permanent status will take place, Israel will give high priority to the Jordanian historic role in these shrines.
The Parties will act together to promote interfaith relations among the three monotheistic religions, with the aim of working towards religious understanding, moral commitment, freedom of religious worship, and tolerance and peace.

Addition 2 A Deeper Reason For My Interest in the Comet That Collided with Tzedek/Jupiter

Chapter 45 of Yishayahu (Isaiah) verse 13 predicts in what way is Cyrus (pronounced in Hebrew as Coresh or Koresh) aroused to help further the redemption. The verse says, I have aroused him with Tzedek.

The word Tzedek in Hebrew has more than one meaning. The standard meaning is justice but it is also the Hebrew name for Jupiter.

Kol Hator written by a disciple of the Vilna Gaon in chapter 2 section 130, talks about the need to use Tzedek to arouse future leaders similar to Cyrus to do the right thing.

The author probably means, justice, but there is a possibility he means Tzedek/Jupiter. At the very least I am using the comet as an advertisement to draw attention to the fact that it is very unjust for Israel with the encouragement of President Bill Clinton to give away Judaism’s most holiest place to Islam, whose founding “prophet” murdered 24000 Jews.

This is in addition to the very wrong ideas about the Creator of the Universe that this religion advocates.

My “long shot” gamble is to use the comet to convince a future Cyrus that the Creator of the Universe  really cares about the Temple Mount.

Addition -3 Regarding Those that Wish to have an Impact on the Results of the Upcoming Israeli Election on the 17th of Elul

Here is an excerpt from another post I wrote about establishing new Israeli Settlements in a time of danger.

The lessons of Kol Hator, chapter 5 which I quoted can also be applied as a strategy for the upcoming elections.

“Assistance of Heaven in general, and in particular in a miraculous way,
comes measure for measure. In accordance to the measure that a man measures
out, it is correspondingly measured out to him by heaven. That is to say that
in accordance to the measure that the mitzvah was performed by man through
natural efforts, in the same manner comes assistance from heaven, the level in
correspondence to level, on the base of 499 and a half from the left and 499
and a half from the right (Kabbalistic terms, used to explain the Biblical
verse, “The least one shall become [or alternately translated reach] a
thousand”) in accordance to the explanation of our Rabbi the Vilna Gaon in
many places ( and in particular in his work Yahel Ohr, Sod Barak Hashachar ).
And if the questioner shall ask, ‘and how can we act at the outset and all the
more so endanger ourselves on the basis of half by natural means, half by
miracle, behold we do not at the outset rely on a miracle.’ Yet the calculation
is thus, that the miraculous side goes up by many percentage points from a
number of causes and in what is related to the activities of Ikva Demashicha,
the footsteps of the Messiah, and all the more so in activities performed by
the community. It turns out, that the accounting, in accordance to the Vilna
Gaon, is that the miraculous assistance of heaven is many times greater than
measure for measure, and at times the heavenly assistance goes up to a thousand
times (the naturalistic strivings)……”

Part of the natural strivings is to devise a strategy that will prevent the elites
from getting away with heavy cheating in the vote count and biased one-sided banning.
See what I wrote in the post Fake Democratic Elections in Israel
But if this becomes impossible, the elections can still serve as a platform for the revelation of the truth and the sanctification of G-d, as it says in Kol Hator, chapter 5:

כל העבודה של קבוץ גלויות היא הכשרה להקמת ו”קיום אנשי אמנה”, כדי להגיע לדרגת גאולת האמת וקדוש השם ולתקון עולם במלכות שדי שהיא תכלית הגאולה השלמה. כי בלי קיום אנשי אמנה אין תקוה ח”ו לכל עבודת האתחלתא כי לא חרבה ירושלים אלא בשביל שפסקו ממנה אנשי אמנה.

Addition 4

I am writing approximately 2 weeks before the deadline for the parties running for seats in Israel’s parliament, known as the Knesset, to submit their list of candidates. Only registered parties with registered candidates can run for office. Then the next major hurdle is to pass the scrutiny of a left-wing judiciary committee who can arbitrarily decide to ban right wing candidates they deem as “racist” or are politically incorrect for some other reason. At this point in time, the so-called right-wing parties seemed to be following the same failed strategies and more or less the same politicians they ran with in the previous election. If nothing changes, I will be forced to boycott the elections like I did the last time.
I strongly urge one of the right-wing parties to choose as one of their leading candidates a direct (male line) descendant of King David, who is obviously also loyal to Torah.

Addition 5

A new political party named Noam, that stands up for traditional family values has started. It is not exactly what I am looking for, but if nothing better comes along it might be enough to get me to vote. I still hope that a party that is more dedicated to Kol Hator principles emerges before the deadline.

Addition 6 – 18th of Tamuz 5779

I became aware that supporting Noam political party, might lead to further delay in the rebuilding of the Temple based on the ideological views of the founders of the party. I therefore remain undecided what to do about the elections.

It is also legitimate to argue that just like the British Mandate reached a level of not being fixable from within, having decided about 3 and half months before World War II to turn Israel within 10 years into a Palestinian state (with a 2/3 anti-Jewish, Arab majority), so too, the State of Israel is not fixable from within. This school of thought holds our efforts should be not be wasted on the elections.

Addition 7 – 1 Av 5779 (Aug 2,2019)

The deadline for registering a party has past and I have no clear endorsements at this time.
This post was written by Shlomo Moshe Scheinman

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