An Early Jewish Historical Source Identifying the Rock under the Dome of the Rock as the Place of the Foundation Stone ( “Even Hashtia” ) Mentioned in an Article by R’ Pinchus Abramowitz

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[i]The Jewish Chronicles that were discovered in the Cairo Genizah, dated between the tenth to eleventh century of the secular dating system[ii], describes the building of the Dome of the Rock: “… And Omer  … would ask the elders of the Jews regarding the rock, behold it is the Foundation Stone, and it happened  that one of the sages, pointed to the boundaries of the place that was revealed, then he commanded that a Dome be built on the rock that would be covered with gold…

[i] פורסם אצל ש. אסף, מקורות ומחקרים עמ’ 20 .וראה גם ‘מ. גיל, ארץ-ישראל בתקופה המוסלמית 90 הראשונה’.

[ii] That is to say roughly 900 years after the destruction of the 2nd Temple give or take several decades.