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Forefathers/[the Patriarchs]

”With all your heart” corresponds to Avraham, of
whom it is said ”and You found his heart to be faithful
before You”; ”with all your life” corresponds to
Yitzhak – who was ready to give up his life at the `Aqeidha;
”and with all your wealth” corresponds to Yaakov – who
gave up all his wealth to acquire the Cave of the Makhpela, as
the verse says: ”in my grave that I purchased for myself”
– that he put up all his wealth like a heap – to I Samuel 1,
verse `alas libbi.

Avraham fixed ”with all your heart”, Yitzhak –
”with all your life”, and Yaakov – ”with all your
wealth” – to Adderet Eliyahu III, 22:31 [244], and this is
adduced from Sifri, ibid.
(Note: The Vilna Gaon changed from the wording in Sifri, also
leaving out the proof from ”everything that You give me, I
shall surely tithe for You” as well as that derived from
Yaakov’s being acquitted of robbery (Maimonides, the end of
Hilkhot Sekhiruth, and Midrash Bereishit Rabba to the verse
”now that you have felt all my belongings”. For, on the
contrary, Yaakov gave all his wealth for Eretz-Israel, as we have
seen in ”in my grave which I have purchased for myself”
– he put up all his wealth like a heap for acquiring the land of


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