Dear Moshe Feilglin – Less Than A Year Ago You Wrote -Why Netanyahu Has To Go – Now You Came Out on Facebook Backing Netanyahu Against Saar???

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Moshe Feiglin's picture from a Wikipedia Article
Moshe Feiglin’s picture from a Wikipedia Article

Moshe Feiglin wrote an article less than a year ago, “Why Netanyahu Has To Go”, with strong arguments why Netanyahu has to be voted out of office.
Now I read in a recent Hebrew facebook post that you issued, that you back Netanyahu in his fight for Likud leadership against Gideon Saar.
You elevated Netanyahu as a symbol in the fight, who should control Israel, the citizens or the Deep State. You did not use the term Deep State but that’s what you had in mind.
Netanyahu is a poor symbol to be used in this fight. Netanyahu unwisely appointed some of the “Deep State” officials like the biased state Prosecutor, Shai Nitzan.
He did almost nothing to restrain the power of the left-wing courts.
He diluted his own base of support by mass importation of non-Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe by not eliminating the grandfather clause in the Law of Return.
He supported “election reforms” of Avigdor Liberman, that shut out small right-wing parties from the Knesset. If not for the reforms, Netanyahu could have formed a government without the Left and without Liberman in the first round of elections less than a year ago.
Netanyahu hid behind the excuse that he was bound by the decisions of the Deep State to evict Jewish settlers from their homes to satisfy Obama and Trump’s expected “Deal of the Century”.
To say it bluntly, you should have remained silent on the issue of the Primaries.

In conclusion, Mr. Feiglin, I ask you to return to your roots. Return to your earlier days where the struggle for the land of Israel and the Temple Mount was your main priority. Go back to your true base, Mr. Feiglin.

Go back to the days where you were associated with your slogan, “To perfect the world in the Kingdom of the Almighty”.