Father of tortured Israeli youth speaks out

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Father of defendant in Duma murder case tells of two years since arrest; ‘His confession was extracted under torture.’
The father tells of the torture his son suffered and reads from the testimony of the son to the judge when he says:

“They bend me backwards like a bow with my hands and hang me upside down until my hands burn. I feel like they’re burning me with a lighter. Every day it goes up a notch; I don’t know what will happen tomorrow. They interrogate me violently about something I can’t help them with because I do not know.

“They do not even show any doubt, they tear me apart, twist my back, laugh, and look at me with contempt. How can I protect myself? I’m accused of something but I don’t know, I can’t say names because I don’t know, I don’t hide anything from them.

“They abused me for a whole night and didn’t make any progress because I can’t help them. Now the abuse will only increase. I scream like a lunatic, cry like a baby; they laugh.

“Where do I get refuge, where is the doubt? Maybe he was right. This is the greatest injustice that the State of Israel has done to a human being. I can’t do it anymore. A whole night of abuse. I told them to kill me but don’t do this to me. Give me poison. I beg your Honor I can’t anymore.”

Don’t accuse me of wasting votes for the right when I don’t vote for Naftali Bennett or Bibi. They supported the torture. In a certain way they are worse than the open left, because it is easier for them to get away with abusing the rights of Jews loyal to Torah, than it is for the open left.