Ehud Barak and Antisemitism

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Regarding Ehud Barak’s Close Association With Jeffrey Epstein

Former Prime Minister of Israel and candidate for the upcoming Knesset elections, Ehud Barak has a new scandal to deal with. His business partner Jeffrey Epstein has been involved in major crimes involving women.

Ariel N. Pasko has written an article about thi:s

Recently, when Ehud Barak was attacked by Netanyahu, for his involvement with Epstein, Barak responded to by answering, “Donald Trump and Bill Clinton also knew Epstein.”

Barak added, that the late former Israeli president Shimon Peres had introduced him to Epstein.

As if that made it OK!

Epstein has been a major financial backer of Barak for years. Epstein invested millions of dollars in Carbyne, an Israeli start-up company in which Barak is the controlling shareholder. Maybe to clean up his image before elections, Barak recently announced on his Facebook page, that he will consider breaking off his business relations with Epstein.

I didn’t quote the whole article because the sleazy past of Epstein which Pasko describes, might cause problems with my internet filter.

Pasko’s conclusion: Yes, Epstein, Weinstein, and the others are Jewish…

True Jewish leaders have to confront them, and the Jews who have brought disrepute to the good name of the Jewish people and the G-d d of Israel, just as Pinchas did in his time!

You can currently read the whole article by Ariel N. Pasko at in the Latest Opinions section

Clarification: When Ariel Pasko called Epstein and Weinstein Jewish, he meant they have a biological relationship to the Jewish people. Not more than this!

Regarding Antisemitism

On a Twitter site associated with Dov Hikind there is a short video on Antisemitism in Europe and the Lessons for America

For those who are willing to expose their internet browser to the mixed audience of Twitter, you can view the Video there (until the item is pushed aside as old news).