Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak threatens and calls on the protesting public to stop serving in the IDF if …..

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Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak recently urged judicial reform protestors to stop serving in the military, if the law to mildly curb the power grab of the judicial branch is enacted into law next week. Currently the judicial branch decided it has the authority to cancel any government decision it deems unreasonable, although the judiciary was never granted such a power. The Knesset seeks to weaken this power grab of the judiciary.

From Ehud Barak’s perspective any weakening of the court is a threat to Democracy which is a code word for eternal left-wing domination of Israeli society by the Deep State, no matter how many elections are lost!

In an interview with Ofer Hadad, Barak attacked and threatened, “When such a law is passed in the first reading, it is passed in order to apply it in the second and third reading. This is an alarm signal, a true alarm for the whole country. I expect that on this day the pilots … will each say, repeat their warning, Netanyahu be careful as soon as you try to turn the second reading into a state law, we will not serve a dictatorship, period.”

Barak’s statements are an addition to encouraging the blocking of major highways by protestors and harassment of political and religious figures who hold opposing views.

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

If the left now sees it as legitimate to encourage draft resistance for their causes, this grants even further legitimacy to the right, to resist the draft for Torah causes.

On a truth level, we don’t need their legitimacy, but emotionally it helps.

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