Dozens Protest Last Week At the Wall of the Old City of Jerusalem, to Get Permission to Offer Animal Sacrifices, such as, the Passover Sacrifice on the Temple Mount. They Suggest Animal Sacrifices Will Stop the Corona Plague.

The Biblical book of Shmot/Exodus Chapter 12 – describes how the Jewish people were saved from a supernatural plague by offering the Passover sacrifice. That sacrifice however, was offered outside the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, since the rule that all sacrifices by religious Jews must be on the Temple Mount was only set down centuries later in the days of King Shlomo / Solomon. There were other differences between that first Passover sacrifice and later sacrifices, but they won’t be discussed here.

In the Days of King David A Plague That Killed 70,000 Was Stopped When King David Offered Animal Sacrifices on the Temple Mount

As it says in the last verse of the book of Shmuel/Samuel:
And David built there an altar to the Lord, and he offered up burnt-offerings and peace offerings. And the Lord was entreated for the land, and the plague was stayed from Israel.
For more details about this incident, read the post: In wake of the Corona Plague – One Should Recall the Words of Ramban and Radak Who Said: All Those Thousands That Fell By A Plague In the Days of David, Fell Only on Account that They Did Not Demand the Temple

Therefore you can see a Biblical precedent to justify the connection made by the protesters and the Corona plague.

There is a dispute among the rabbis of our time do we have all the halachic solutions needed to reestablish animal sacrifices today. This is one of a number of reasons that dozens appeared at the protest and not tens of thousands. There were also logistical problems of organizing a large protest under the safety restrictions in place due to the Corona (Covid-19) virus.

I believe given the proper funding and leadership, these protests could eventually develop to the size of other mass protests that we see for other religious issues.

Pictures from the Protest

הפגנה למען חידוש עבודת הקרבנות 1
Protesters Holding Signs 1 Enough of the Negation of the service of Hashem in the Temple
2 King David cut off the plague with the building of the altar
3 The return to Zion is the return to Zion the house of our lives
הפגנה למען חידוש עבודת הקרבנות 2
The sign in the center: Why Should we be deprived? Not to be allowed to sacrifice the sacrifice of Hashem
הפגנה למען חידוש עבודת הקרבנות 3
Sign on the Right: 52 years of negation of the Passover Sacrifice has to now stop.
Why should we be deprived?
Enough of the negation of the service of Hashem in the Temple.