“Don’t Shoot, He Has Tzitzit”. The Hero Story of Guy Madar

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Hebrew source: https://www.bhol.co.il/news/1604636

Tzitzit with Techelet
Tzitzit without Techelet

The story of Lt. Col., Guy Mader, a resident of Karmi Katif, inspires amazement and strengthens many in faith and confidence in these difficult days. His friends tell about his heroism during the holiday in the first hours of the event of the terrorists’ infiltration of the settlements around Gaza:

Guy celebrated Simchat Torah in Kiryat Gat, heard the barrages like the rest of us and immediately drove in civilian clothes to the south, with only a pistol.

He reached the area of Reim, where he understood and saw the scale of the disaster, evacuated a seriously wounded Golani soldier. A terrorist shot in his direction. Guy flanked the terrorist and shot him and killed him. Later Guy took a soldier’s weapon and killed five terrorists who were on motorcycles.

Guy boarded a police car together with a policeman and continued south, as they drove terrorists fired rounds of bullets at them. Guy and the policeman were injured in their legs, left the car that ceased to function, and rolled into a ditch on the road, from where Guy managed to eliminate a number of other cursed terrorists, but little by little his strength ran out from the injury and the bleeding in his leg.

Guy made himself a tourniquet, and so he laid down for about two and a half hours, with about 20 dead terrorists around him, until the arrival of forces who thought he was a terrorist! After all, he was wearing civilian clothes and carrying a weapon.

He tried to shout to them that he was a soldier, a Jew, but he was weak, just seconds before he was shot, one of the soldiers shouted: “Don’t shoot, he has Tzitzit”, that’s how his life was saved, he went to Belinson where he was operated on and treated and his condition is improving.

Comment: At this point in time we don’t know if Israel is going to win this war, or will it end in a cease-fire like Operation Cast Lead which was essentially a loss for Israel. If we do win it will be despite our leadership.