Defense in Duma Arson/Murder Trial: State Investigation Used Extreme Torture to Extract False Confessions

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The summation phase of the first part of the July 31, 2015 arson and murder trial in the Arab village of Duma began on Thursday at the Central District Court in Lod, Honenu reported.

Before the hearing Thursday, lawyers for the defense reported to the media that the two suspects, Amiram Ben-Uliel and a minor, had initially been cut off from any human contact for three weeks, other than their interrogators. They were not allowed to see a lawyer and certainly not their relatives. They were deprived of sleep and underwent daily interrogations that involved threats and intimidation.

Finally, when these means had failed, Shabak interrogators used on them the most brutal kinds of torture that even Arab terrorists had never received. The torture was carried out with the approval of the Attorney General and the Supreme Court under the pretense of a “ticking bomb,” despite the fact that there were no credible expectations of additional arson cases.