British opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn, who is facing allegations of enabling anti-Semitism, acknowledged Monday that he was present at a wreath-laying ceremony at the graves of Palestinian terrorists linked to the murder of 11 Israelis at the 1972 Munich Olympics.
cobryn with wreath
But the Labour Party leader said “I don’t think I was actually involved” in laying the wreath. (Despite the photos showing him holding the wreath.)

Background and overview of the massacre

It was 4:30 in the morning on Sept. 5, 1972, when five Palestinian terrorists wearing track sweat suits climbed the six-foot six-inch fence surrounding the Olympic Village. Although they were seen by several people, no one thought anything was unusual since athletes routinely hopped the fence; moreover, the terrorists’ weapons were hidden in athletic bags.

These five were met by three more men who are presumed to have obtained credentials to enter the village. The Palestinians then used stolen keys to enter two apartments being used by the Israeli team at 31 Connollystraße.

Israeli wrestling referee Yossef Gutfreund heard a faint scratching noise at the door of the first apartment. When he investigated, he saw the door begin to open and masked men with guns on the other side. He shouted “Hevre tistalku!” (Hebrew: “Guys, get out of here!”) and threw his nearly 300-lb. (135-kg) weight against the door to try to stop the Palestinians from forcing their way in. In the confusion, coach Tuvia Sokolovsky and race-walker Dr. Shaul Ladany escaped and another four athletes, plus the two team doctors and delegation head Shmuel Lalkin, managed to hide.

Wrestling coach Moshe Weinberg, attacked the kidnappers as the hostages were being moved from one apartment to another, allowing one of his wrestlers, Gad Tsobari, to escape. The burly Weinberg knocked one of the intruders unconscious and stabbed another with a fruit knife before being shot to death. Weightlifter and father of three Yossef Romano, 31, also attacked and wounded one of the intruders before being killed. The Arabs then succeeded in rounding up nine Israelis to hold as hostages.

In July 2012, German magazine Der Spiegel reported that Germany had in fact been warned about the possibility of a Palestinian terrorist attack at the Games but took no actions to secure the Olympic Village.

The rescue attempt of the Germans was also botched and all nine hostages were killed by the terrorists.

Corbyn Should Serve As A Reminder To The Jewish People To Make Practical Preparations To Return To The Land of Zion and Jerusalem Out of Choice To Avoid the Sufferings Faced By Refugees

“דבר הנבואה הזה, בציון ובירושלים תהיה פליטה הדאיג מאד את רבינו הגר”א, שלפי זה יבוא זמן בעקבות משיחא שקבוץ גלויות יהיה בדרך של פליטה היינו מתוך הכרח של צרות וגזירות ורק שרידי הפליטה יגיעו לציון וירושלים, דבר זה היה אחד הגורמים הגדולים שהגר”א האיץ בתלמידיו למהר ולנסוע לאר”י ולעסוק בקבוץ גלויות בעוד מועד כדי לקיים שיבת ציון מרצון ולא מתוך הכרח של פליטה”, המגיד דורש ציון, עמ’ 71.