Video by Oren Evron: The Code of Creation, An Awesome and Inspiring Mathematical Code Is Revealed in the First Verse of the Torah

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We received permission to put Oren Evron’s video into this web site.
Please scroll down below for a few comments about this video.

The editor of this web site is not sufficiently proficient in the wisdom of the Kabbala in order to confirm or disagree with certain points brought up by this video. I did notice Rabbi Chaim Vital (revealing the insights of his mentor the Arizal), claimed the initial point of creation was constricted to a perfect circle. The source is located in in Shaar Heichalot, chapter 1, Anaf 3, on the matter of Ein Sof. A PDF version is currently available for download at page 22 out of the 306 pages in the pdf file. Does this back Oren Evron? As stated I am not a Kabbala expert to say yes or no.

The general outlook of the video fits the ideological beliefs of the Vilna Gaon, as presented in Kol Hator, chapter 5. One should point out that the views of the Vilna Gaon on Torah and science were for some reason omitted from the edition of Kol Hator that was published by Rabbi Menachem Kasher z”l. Therefore it is recommended that people purchase the 5754 edition that has the missing passages.

Editor’s note: There are some scientists that no longer believe that the world was created from a specific point.
Oren was asked about this and the following is a translation of how he responded:

In this video, wonderful mathematical examples are shown that show that hidden in the digits of pi is knowledge about the creation of the world as written in the simple meaning of the Torah and the Kabbala and the Mystical Secrets, and if so, it is a proof in a closed circuit and there is no need for any external reference.
As an anecdote, it is interesting to see that there are also many of the world’s scientists who believe that the universe was created from a primary point and this is in accordance with the Kabbala’s system regarding these findings. But as mentioned, even if they change their minds, it does not change the fact that pi reflects the Torah wisdom with all the implications that this entails.

Comment #2 by the editor:

A possible question is likely to be raised by skeptics concerning how precise is the Torah when we are dealing with the value of pi. This question is completely removed by means of the answers of the Rosh and Tashbetz that are brought within the post:

Coins of Nero Caesar as Proof of Etzba (halachic finger width), Tefach (halachic handbreadth) and Cubit


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