Life After Clinical Death- Two Unusual Witnesses for the Existence of the Soul

The Hebrew news site Kikar Hashabbat reported:

The former minister Yosi Sarid, known for his cynical and sarcastic attitude towards everything holy, reveals a particularly surprising personal story.

Last Tuesday, Sarid was interviewed for Benny Bashan’s program on the IDF airwaves radio program. During their conversation, the broadcaster asked Sarid: “Did something ever happen to you that no one believes happened to you?”

He did not expect the answer he received from Sarid:

“One time I died,” replied Sarid simply, “once I died. It was when the whole family was traveling in the car and I remember my depressed children sitting in the back and crying bitterly for their father who left.”

While the broadcaster found it hard to believe, Sarid continued to describe: “We were driving in the car and suddenly I felt faint and a huge burst of heat. I felt that I was being lifted up, flying higher and higher and I felt a very deep feeling of the soul leaving.”

“Were you able to feel the separation between soul and body?” Bashan asked him and Sarid replied in the affirmative. “As a flying soul, I watched the surface of the globe and then I saw my family continuing to drive in the car because my wife set her sights on the hospital right away. And that’s where we ended up.”

Yosi (in the interview) confirms that there is indeed a separate entity which is the soul and hastens to mention: “And I don’t believe in the survival of the soul at all.” This is against my ideology.” Sarid’s atheistic worldview claims that man has total control of himself and despite the spiritual experience he had, he prefers to claim that “this experience was condensed between me and myself, and has nothing to do with a higher providence”.

In response, the broadcaster confronts Sarid and asks him: “The normative atheist generally thinks that the soul and the body are one, which means that when the body is gone, so the soul is also gone.”

“That’s what I think too,” replies Yosi Sarid, “but what happened to me is not consistent with what I believe.”

Based on 2 witnesses, the Matter Will be Confirmed!

Yosi Sarid should not be suspected of lying to make you a religious person.

This is how Rabbi Meir Kahane related to Yosi Sarid (in Hebrew).

The wicked insult and blaspheme the Almighty, as it is written “those protested against Hashem” (Bamidbar / Numbers 27:3), But since Hashem is an abstract concept, without a body, the wicked insult and blaspheme what represents Hashem in the world – the existence of the Torah world and the scholars. The wicked do this forcefully while standing up and without apologizing, and this is indeed the problem of our generation. In our generation, the wicked on the left, like Yosi Sarid may his name and his memory be blotted out, “let the name of the wicked rot” (Proverbs / Mishlei 10:7), stand firm while insulting and blaspheming Heaven without any shame. On the other hand, the right always apologizes and never “stands firm”. The right is always on the defensive and apologizing, and therefore the wicked succeed.

(See Breishit Rabba 49:1 which Rabbi Kahane used as justification for cursing Sarid).

Sometimes those People Who Have Died a Clinical Death and Then Came Back to Life are Given Access to Secrets of the World of Truth

In a Hebrew article about Sharon Nachshoni, who died a clinical death and returned to life at the address:

He told the last thing that happened to him in the world of truth:

At the very last moment before the end of the trial, they suddenly mentioned that there is a couple in Nes Ziona who are about to divorce these days, and this causes great sorrow in heaven.

‘Why did they tell me that?’ Sharon asked me at the end of the review of his experience. ‘What does this have to do with me?’

I asked him who the couple were. At first he refused to say, only saying that he was constantly trying to understand why he was being told this. What does this have to do with his trial? I thought maybe they told him about it up there because there was something he could do for them. Maybe go talk with them.

I begged him to tell me who they were, and Sharon said: ‘This is Rafi A.’ the famous author (or perhaps barber, in Hebrew ספר) and his wife’.

We knew them in a weak way from the neighborhood, they were a well-known, well-publicized couple, and everyone knew that they lived very nicely together. I suggested to Sharon that I would go talk to them but Sharon refused, maybe it will cause a breakdown, maybe my information is wrong, maybe there is nothing between them and we will cause them harm. I accepted his words and did not say a word about it to anyone.

A month and a half later, during which I tried to check what was going on with Rafi and his wife, and everyone told me that everything was fine, I was staying with my wife’s parents, Sharon’s parents, and suddenly I saw Rafi’s mother-in-law running after his little son (Rafi’s son). The boy cried: ‘I want to go to dad!’ ‘I want to go to dad!’ And I, who was going in the same direction, offered to take the boy to his house. The grandmother refused, ‘there is a problem between them’, she said. “The boy can’t go to his father now.”

Now I knew that indeed the message that Sharon received was accurate despite everything.

I changed the direction of walking and went straight to Rafi’s house. I knocked on his door, and when he opened the door I went in, even though we had only a weak acquaintance. I asked him, ‘Rafi, what’s going on between you and your wife?’

He smiled as if it was nothing, and said ‘everything is fine. No problem’.

I told him, ‘I don’t know what you mean by, ‘everything is fine’. But it is a fact that we received a certain message about you.’

I told him about the message and he was very shocked. He asked to meet Sharon, and came to visit him immediately that Saturday night.

It was a very exciting meeting, when Sharon and Rafi checked the dates, it turned out that on the same day that Sharon stood before the court on high and was judged, Rafi’s wife took her belongings, left the house, and left without returning.

The conflict and quarrel between them was against the background of Rafi’s getting closer to Jewish religious observance, and his wife did not agree to go with him on his new path in any way.

We tried to intervene, Sharon and I, regarding making peace between them, but it was already too late, things got out of control and turned into lawsuits and the like.

Maybe if we had told them, both of them, what exactly Sharon saw the day he told me about it, who knows, maybe we would have been able to save them from separation.

Sharon’s trial ended with this discovery about the Nes Ziona couple. Sharon turned and started running from the hall in panic. He felt a terrible shame, both because of his dirty clothes and because of the terrible exposure he went through in front of everyone.

His grandmother chased after him, she was the only person left in the hall. On his way back, Sharon, while trying, was able to notice several rabbis who had recently passed away, and many other people that he could not recognize, and again he felt how everyone was interested in him, as if they were connected to him in a deep connection, they all radiated him a lot of love and warmth.

When he left the hall – the grandmother continued to chase after him, as if she was worried about making sure that he did indeed leave the world of truth.

It is possible that his grandfather was also there at the time – judging by what Sharon’s wife heard – when he was taken off the ambulance, but Sharon himself does not remember his grandfather.

Then his grandmother disappeared. The hall disappeared. And Sharon saw himself above the ambulance. He saw his body inside and the doctors treating him. He knew exactly who was taking care of him, when he came back and started breathing, while according to all the medical reports he was completely unconscious, he described what the place looked like, and suddenly he stopped seeing and woke up inside his body, when the ambulance started its journey.