Synchronizing Egyptian and Persian Chronology with Torah Chronology – Audio Lecture by Rabbi Alexander Hool

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Rabbi Alexander Hool

This lecture was originally downloaded from Youtube. Because sometimes inappropriate advertisements appear on Youtube, the lecture was downloaded as an audio and saved to this site.

Rabbi Hool, drawing support from the Sothic calendar and ancient Kings Lists contends that ancient Egypt often had two kings. One in the north and one in the south. With this in mind, one can significantly shorten, the period of the Pharaohs and make Egyptian chronology fit with Torah chronology.

Rabbi Hool also explains after Alexander the Great defeated Darius the Great, the Persian empire continued operating in a much smaller region. The Kings list of the Persians therefore does not contradict Torah chronology.

What do we gain by synchronizing Egyptian Chronology with Torah chronology?

  • More people will accept the truth of Torah if we synchronize.
  • It enables us to find evidence for the ten plagues in Egyptian records