Regarding the Damage of Providing a Moral Stamp of Approval to the LGBT Agenda

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post revised: 8th of Tishrei 5783 = Oct. 3 2022 Dr. Elliot Resnick in an article at applauds Yeshiva University for so far refusing to support an LGBT club on its undergraduate campus. However, he urged Yeshiva University, to … Continued

King Charles III Recently Became King of Britain. Is There Any Mitzva to See Him?

Post revised: 26th Elul 5782 – Sept. 22, 2022 Based on: Bracha for Seeing a King or Queen It is a mitzvah to go and see rulers and kings, whether they are Jewish or non-Jewish.[14] Nonetheless, one shouldn’t waste … Continued

Regarding the Young Girl Who Faked Being a Boy in a Religious School in Israel

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Excerpt from The new school year at a state religious school in Givat Shmuel, in the Ono Valley on the outskirts of Tel Aviv, began with an explosion when parents and the students discovered that one of the children … Continued

Attorney Feldman: (Israel’s) Supreme Court Ruling Authorizes Confession By Torture

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source: Attorney Feldman: Supreme Court ruling authorizes confession by torture Updated: 6 days ago Since the July 2015 arson attack on the Dawabshe family’s house in Kfar Duma, Honenu has assisted many Jews accused of involvement with the crime. … Continued

Shocker: Israel’s Super Spy Jonathan Pollard Using A Very Poor Line of Reasoning Backs Naftali Bennett’s Partner in Fraud, Ayelet Shaked for the Next Election! To His Credit After Criticism, Pollard Retracts!

posted in: Comments on society | 0 In a video message, Pollard announced: “Because of my unqualified love of this country, and my dedication to her survival and wellbeing, I must now endorse someone who I know will serve Israel in a way that will safeguard … Continued

The Soldier that Snubbed the Chief of Staff Who Destroyed Gush Katif is a Direct Male Line Descendant of King David

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May 5, 2006 (8 Iyar 5766) reported: The IDF soldier awarded for outstanding service who refused to shake the Chief of Staff’s hand over the officer’s role in the Gaza withdrawal has been demoted, and his prize might be … Continued

Now that the Journalist, Yair Lapid, Serves as Prime Minister of Israel, It Is Fitting to Review the Culture War Motivation that Led to the Destruction of Gush Katif

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Now that Yair Lapid is Prime Minister it is fitting to reprint the post: The Proxy War of the Israeli Left Against Religious Zionism and their Allies published at about 3 and half years ago. Quote  from: It is … Continued

According to Naftali Bennett’s Strategic Adviser, Bennett Decided To Betray His Core Party Platform at the Very Outset

posted in: Comments on society | 0  reports the accusation by גל בייסברג Gal Baisberg, Naftali Bennett’s strategic advisor in the last election,  that Naftali Bennett had planned the deal to become Prime Minister with a mere six seats in Parliament, even before Israel went … Continued

The New Texas Republican Party Position on Israel is an Improvement.

posted in: Comments on society | 0 The Texas Republican Party has approved a platform that supports the “prohibition” of a Palestinian state in lands that Israel now controls, JTA reported on Tuesday.The platform, approved by 5,100 delegates in Houston on Saturday, supports the “prohibition of … Continued