When It Was To His Advantage It Did Not Bother Benjamin Netanyahu That the Judicial System Was Biased For The Left – Now When He is the Victim of Biased Enforcement, Bias Bothers Him!

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Binyamin Netanyahu's picture on a Wikipedia Site About Him
Binyamin Netanyahu’s picture on a Wikipedia Site About Him

When It Was To His Advantage It Did Not Bother Benjamin Netanyahu That the Judicial System Was Biased For The Left – Now When He is the Victim of Biased Enforcement, Bias Bothers Him!

One of the bribery charges that Netanyahu faces is that he attempted to cut a deal with with Arnon Mozes, the publisher of the widely circulated Yedioth Ahronoth daily and the popular Ynet website, for favorable news coverage in exchange for passing a law that would damage a rival newspaper, Yisrael Hayom. The law did not pass but the very attempt was classified as bribery, while left-wing politicians, who also cut deals with Arnon Mozes for favorable news coverage were not charged with any crime. This is an example of what Netanyahu complains about. Namely, that the Judicial system is using selective enforcement and biased standards against him. He is right but as Gideon Saar, a right-wing rival of Netanyahu pointed out, since the time that Netanyahu took control over the government after the defeat of the Kadima party, Netanyahu did nothing to fix the major bias of the judicial system towards the left.
Let’s take the numbers brought up by the Regavim organization as proof for Gideon Saar.
Quote from an article at Regavim.org
The Numbers Don’t Lie: Measure for Measure 2018

It’s a Fact: Israel’s Supreme Court Discriminates Against Right-Wing Petitions

More than 100 petitions were filed in Israel’s Supreme Court against illegal construction in Judea and Samaria – by organizations on both sides of the political spectrum. Regavim analyzed the procedural aspects of all the petitions filed in the past 13 years; the findings paint a dire portrait of deep-seated, systemic bias.

The newly-released report, entitled “Measure for Measure 2018: An Index of Judicial Parity,” published in the wake of the demolition of homes in the Netiv HaAvot neighborhood of Gush Etzion, reveals the Israeli Supreme Court’s endemic bias against petitions filed by organizations identified as politically right-wing or nationalist.

Regavim studied over 110 petitions filed from 2005 to 2017 by groups on both sides of the political debate. All the petitions dealt with structures that were, by all accounts, built illegally; in each case, the petitions charged the Civil Administration with failure to enforce the law. Roughly one half of the petitions were brought by leftist groups, and targeted Jewish settlements; the remainder were filed by nationalist Zionist organizations, and focused on illegal construction in the Arab sector in Judea and Samaria.

Almost without exception, the petitions filed by both sides based their arguments on identical points of law, allowing the Regavim study to focus on the procedural elements of the appeal process that impact petitions’ progress and outcomes – even before substantive elements of the petition are considered in depth. The neutral, technical, “nuts and bolts” tools and procedures examined in the study reflect the underlying “starting point” or point of reference from which, and through which, judges approach a given issue.

To read about the bias in detail press on the link

It was useful for Benjamin Netanyahu to at least pretend that his hands were tied by the courts, when he was being hostile to Jewish settlements during the Pro-Palestinian administration of President Obama or to go along with Trump’s “Deal of the Century”.
Now that biased and selective enforcement is being used by the Judicial system against Bibi (Benjamin) Netanyahu having just been indicted for crimes by standards not applicable to others, Netanyahu suddenly remembers the system is biased.
Those who are curious and want to find other examples of bias against Netanyahu might be interested in reading an article by Caroline Glick at Jewishpress.com on this subject.

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