Kansas Attorney General Kris Kobach Sues Pfizer for Misleading the Public over the Safety and Effectiveness of Their Covid-19 “Vaccine” Violating the State’s Consumer Protection Act

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A Highlight of Some of the Main Accusations of the Attorney General Pfizer misled the public that it had a “safe and effective” COVID-19 vaccine. Pfizer said its COVID-19 vaccine was safe even though it knew its COVID-19 vaccine was … Continued

Rebuttal to the article: New Study Suggests Some Tefillin Boxes Were Not Colored Black 2,000 Years Ago

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A recent article based on ancient Tefillin found in the Qumran caves near the Dead Sea claimed they found Tefillin boxes that were not colored black on the outside. Based on this finding the researchers wished to make a deduction … Continued

Audio on the Giving of the Torah – part 1 by Menachem Gottlieb

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Editor’s introduction: Only the first part of this audio shiur will be presented at this web site. It should also be stressed that Judaism recognizes a middle status between idol worshiper and Jew called a Gair Toshav. According to the … Continued

The Scandal of Pharaoh’s Wine Steward and Baker Became the Major News Story In Order to Save Joseph (Yosef)

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Review of Genesis Chapter 39 from verse 19 until Chapter 40 verse 13 as Translated by Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan 19 When her husband heard his wife’s story and her description of the incident, he became furious. 20 Joseph’s master had … Continued

Did The Holy Ohr Hachaim Really Accept Rambam’s Famous Position on Islam and Idolatry?

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The following is an excerpt from a larger article on this site, entitled: Muslim Idolatry Trees – Do They Interfere With Davening Mincha on the Temple Mount?  Revised: Wed, 29 May 2024 = 21st of Iyyar, 5784 Is There a … Continued

Day 35. Malchus ShebaHod. Go Change the World! – R’ Yonoson Roodyn

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Background on Counting the Omer from Rabbi Yirmiyahu Ullman at https://ohr.edu/explore_judaism/ask_the_rabbi/ask_the_rabbi/5420 It is not clear if R’ Yonoson Roodyn and Rabbi Yirmiyahu Ullman share exactly the same definition of Malchut (Malchus) and Hod.

Chaim Ramon: 2 Years Ago Prime Minister Naftali Bennett Gave the Order to the Chief of Staff and the Defense Minister to Assassinate Sinwar. They Refused.

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Exposé: Then COS Kochavi and DM Gantz vetoed PM Bennett’s instructions to kill Sinwar Ever since October 7th, not a few former high-ups (and also current ones) in IDF and political power echelons have been trying to rewrite history and … Continued