The Goal of the Exodus from Egypt – Rabbi Yisrael Ariel

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Printed in preparation for Parshat Shmot 5783 by the Temple Institute) Translation by Shlomo Moshe Scheinman Towards the end of the (Shmot) Torah portion, The Holy One Blessed be He introduces himself to Moshe and asks him to go to … Continued

Donald Trump Vaccine Hero? This Video Suggests Maybe Not.

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A few days before the publication of this post, reported Donald Trump is still doubling down in his support for the mRNA (Pfizer and Moderna) Vax against Covid. Interviewer David Brody asked Trump if he was willing to “acknowledge” … Continued

When Moshe (Moses) Initially Appeared Before Pharaoh, the Oppression of Israel Increased with Haamek Davar’s commentary to Exodus 6:1

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When Moshe (Moses) Initially Appeared Before Pharaoh, the Oppression of Israel Increased Exodus 5:15 – Exodus 6:1 with Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan’s Translation Haamek Davar’s commentary to Exodus 6:1 explains Hashem’s reply to Moshe 15 The Israelite foremen came and protested … Continued

Tzeror haMore: Because He Admitted, He Merited to Receive Kingship and Messiah Emanated From Him, Who Will Save Israel

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Biographical Background of the Author According to the Bar-Ilan Responsa Project R. Abraham b’r Jacob Saba was born in Castile, Spain, ca. 1440. He was a disciple of R. Isaac de Leon and served as a community rabbi. In the … Continued

A Few Days After the Conclusion of Chanuka 5783 Bibi Netanyahu Officially Returned to Power in Israel. As Usual King David Was Left Out of the Coalition Agreement.

With the title of this post in mind reprints an excerpt from the post: King Charles III Recently Became King of Britain. Is There Any Mitzva to See Him? Prayer: May the Coronation of King Charles III Inspire Us … Continued

Rabbi Alexander Hool’s Viewpoint Regarding how to Synchronize Biblical Chronology with Secular Egyptian Chronology

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Note from the editor: There are other audios at The editor of has not listened to them and therefore it should be made clear there is no implied endorsement of the other audios. Regarding who was the Pharaoh … Continued

‘Pfizer vaccine is neither safe nor effective,’ says ex-head of Israel Institute for Biological Research. He in the past got 3 Pfizer Jabs.

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source: Professor Shmuel Shapira, who headed the Israel Institute for Biological Research from 2013 to 2021, and led Israel’s domestic coronavirus vaccine development program, has castigated the Health Ministry both over its push to impose lockdowns in 2020 and … Continued

A Review of the book, The Goldin Calf by Michael N. Lerner

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Review of “The Goldin Calf” The Goldin Calf is not a typical Tzadik novel, where the main character does extraordinary good deeds which inspire us to be better people. In the Goldin Calf the main character is probably well below … Continued