Gideon Sa’ar “Spills the Beans” on Former Prime Minister Yair Lapid and the “Democracy” Protesters

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Gideon Sa’ar at one point in time was a rival of Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu within Netanyahu’s Likud party. Sa’ar decided to break away from Likud and started a new political party that briefly put Naftali Bennett and later on … Continued

Maybe Shimon Cohen Was Right that the Yom Kippur War Was Rigged. 11 Days Before the Yom Kippur War, Jordan’s King Hussein Revealed to Golda Meir the Coming Syrian & Egyptian Plan to Attack Israel

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Israel had advanced warning that Syria and Egypt were about to attack but nevertheless kept the front lines poorly defended. In a channel 14 Hebrew video it is revealed that Golda Meir had a secret meeting 11 days before the … Continued

Declassified: Mossad Spy Agency to Prime Minister Golda Meir’s Military Secretary – Egypt and Syria Will Attack Tomorrow on Yom Kippur

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source: The fateful telegram from Mossad Chief Zvi Zamir ב.1 | The fateful telegram to Yisrael Lior: “The Egyptian army and the Syrian army are about to launch an attack on Israel”   For a translation of the telegram, see … Continued

The Illegal Migrants in Israel Must Go vs. Being A Light Unto the Nations – Which Value to Pick?

Quote from TEL AVIV, ISRAEL — Hundreds of Eritrean government supporters and opponents clashed with each other and with Israeli police Saturday, leaving dozens injured in one of the most violent street confrontations among African asylum seekers and migrants … Continued

Singer Yishai Ribo Visits Aryeh Leib Gottlieb Who is Slowly Recovering From A Terror Attack

posted in: Comments on society | 0 reports: Famed singer Yishai Ribo visited Chevron attack survivor Aryeh Gottleib on Monday at Soroka Hospital in Be’er Sheva and performed a personal concert for him. Gottlieb, a father of six, was almost murdered last week in a … Continued

Donald Trump to our Surprise Promised We Will Not Comply with Another Round of Covid Restrictions on Travel or Renewed Mask and Vaccine Mandates

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In a recently posted video Trump said: “To every Covid tyrant who wants to take away our freedom, hear these words: We will not comply.” “They rigged the 2020 election and now they’re trying to do the same thing all … Continued

The Response of Rabbi Moshe Zuriel ZT”L Against the Claims of the Opponents of Techelet 1) Is There Arrogance in This? 2) The Behavior of the Gedolim of the Generation 3) Messiah

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Hebrew Source: Rabbi Moshe Zuriel August 25, 2019 · (24 Av 5779) Question: It occurred to me to hang Techelet threads in my Tzitzit garment, because I saw several people who did so. But recently some Chareidi rabbis announced … Continued

Building New Israeli Settlements – The Opinion of the Gaon – according to Kol Hator

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B”H To Build New Settlements in the Territories Liberated by Israel After the 6 Day War The Opinion of the Gaon – according to Kol Hator Question: Perhaps one should not build settlements right now because of the mitzvah to … Continued

A Peace Agreement Made by the Netanyahu Government with the Saudis? Rabbi Yisrael Ariel Explains Why We Should Say, No!

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It was reported in the religious media that a very influential Religious-Zionist Bezalel Smotrich trusts Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu will make an acceptable peace treaty with the Saudis. Rabbi Yisrael Ariel who has written several books about the Biblical borders … Continued