When is the Soul Placed in a Person? At Conception or Formation? The Discussion of Rabbi Yehuda HaNasi and Antoninos

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Note at the outset: It is a common sin among both Jews and Noahides to end a pregnancy for unjustified reasons. A competent Torah-Observant, that is to say, “Orthodox” Rabbi should be consulted on this sensitive topic. For fear that … Continued

President Truman Put an Arms Embargo on The Newly Formed State of Israel that Nearly Wiped Out the Jewish State.

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Quote from https://blogs.timesofisrael.com/how-u-s-israel-policy-evolved-over-70-years/ When President Harry Truman decided to support partition and later recognized Israel eleven minutes after David Ben-Gurion declared independence, he faced intense opposition within his own cabinet. Secretary of Defense James Forrestal reiterated Arabist fears regarding oil … Continued

The Evidence That Alexander Hamilton (the man on the Series 2004A U.S. $10 bill) Was Jewish, Is Flimsy and Unreliable

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Quote from an article by by Rabbi Yair Hoffman at https://www.theyeshivaworld.com/news/headlines-breaking-stories/2001367/there-was-never-a-sender-hamilton.html The Professor’s Two Claims Professor Porwancher’s claims are based upon two arguments.(1) Hamilton’s mother, Rachel Faucette, who was of French Huguenot descent, was previously married to John Lavien before … Continued

Netanyahu Publicly Violated the Sabbath to Congratulate a Gold Medal Winner and Is Publicly Condemned by His Allies in the Religious Parties

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The Hebrew web site Srugim reports that the head of the Religious Zionism party (in Israel’s legislature), Betzalel Smotrich stated: “Happy with Linoy’s gold, sad about the desecration of Shabbat (by Linoy), happy that the Prime Minister and the President … Continued

Artem Dolgopyat’s Olympic Gold Medal is A Loss for the Jewish State

Rabbi Avraham Yitzchak Kook former Chief Rabbi of British Mandate Palestine, in theory supported Jews participating in Sports (Orot section 34). He thought it would develop the materialistic side of the nation of Israel and he considered the development of … Continued

The Purim Downfall of the Soviet Communist Dictator, Stalin as Related by Political Prisoner, Rabbi Yitzchok Zilber

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Revised 20 M. Av 5781 Background: The Doctor’s Plot An excerpt from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doctors%27_plot The “doctors’ plot” affair (Russian: дело врачей, romanized: delo vrachey, lit. ’doctors’ case’), also known as the case of saboteur doctors (Russian: врачи-вредители, romanized: vrachi-vrediteli, lit. ’vermin doctors’) or … Continued

Consolation: Ben and Jerry’s or the Return of the Jews to Israel? by Ariel Natan Pasco

Consolation: Ben and Jerry’s or the Return of the Jews to Israel? By Ariel Natan PaskoThis week’s Shabbat, is known as Shabbat Nachamu, based on the week’s Haftarah reading from the prophet Isaiah. The Haftarah follows the weekly Torah reading … Continued