By Jewish Standards, Trump Took Millions and Maybe Billions of Dollars of Saudi Bribery Money

As pointed out in the post: Regarding the Revolving Door from FDA Regulator to Employment at Pfizer. Does Halacha View this as Bribery? it is considered bribery, both for judges and public servants, to get a gift from interested parties … Continued

Cotton Condemns Democrats’ Attacks Against Netanyahu

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Source: March 07, 2023 There is one foreign leader for whom the Democratic Party seems to reserve special scorn. Leading Democrats have called him a “reactionary,” a “racist,” an “ethno-nationalist.” They’ve accused him of committing “war crimes” and of … Continued

Mike Pompeo Says Shiloh is Central Part of Israel Not Occupied Land

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Source: True Zionists hope that this is the start of a movement by Republicans to break away from the Oslo Terror Accords. This is in contrast to Donald Trump. See the post: In a Recent Interview Donald Trump “Doubles … Continued

Video by Oren Evron: The Code of Creation, An Awesome and Inspiring Mathematical Code Is Revealed in the First Verse of the Torah

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Your browser does not support the video tag. We received permission to put Oren Evron’s video into this web site. Please scroll down below for a few comments about this video. The editor of this web site is not sufficiently … Continued

Coins of Nero Caesar as Proof of Etzba (halachic finger width), Tefach (halachic handbreadth) and Cubit

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The Talmud, tractate Menachot 41b sets the relationship between Tefach (halachic handbreadth) and Etzba (halachic finger width). Menachot 97b and 98a explain the relationship of the handbreadth to the cubit. Thus if we could figure out the handbreadth we can … Continued