Audio: Unity – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly – Part 1 by Menachem Gottlieb

Yisrael Sokol, HY"D
Yisrael Sokol, HY”D

Yisrael Sokol HY”D a soldier who was killed in Gaza recently, had told his father, Yehoshua that once the Left-Wing Generals, Gantz and Eisenkot were brought into the war cabinet, at the expense of Smotrich and Ben-Gvir who were excluded, ideally all of the religious soldiers should have thrown away their uniforms and stop being involved in the fighting. He correctly saw that the switch in leadership in the name of “unity” would change both the tactics and the goals of the war for the worse.

In our opinion most of the deaths of Israeli soldiers in this war could have been prevented if the I.D.F. had fired “woke generals”, stopped abiding by “purity of arms” and would put winning the war as a priority over freeing hostages or pleasing Biden with “humanitarian gestures” to the enemy population.

Last summer as a result of the “Woke policies” of the I.D.F. Menachem Gottlieb’s son was seriously injured in a terror attack. Below is a picture of his son’s car riddled with bullets.
A female passenger was killed in the attack.

car riddled with bullets from the terror attack

His name for prayers is Aryeh Leib and his mother’s name is Ella.

Aryeh recently had another operation to try to restore the usage of his left hand.