Audio: Unity, Part 2 & A Rebuttal to Rabbi Eliezer Melamed’s Article on Unity by Menachem Gottlieb

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Among the topics covered:

  • When unity sometimes delays punishments
  • “Leave Ephraim alone”
  • The Lessons of Achav & Yehoshafat and a rebuttal of Rabbi Melamed’s article on unity

In the name of unity, Netanyahu has not fired the “woke generals” that contributed greatly to the disaster of the massacre on Simchat Torah 5784, (Oct. 7th 2023). He has also given considerable say to left-wing politicians that want to water down the definition of victory and fight the war according to Biden’s dictates.  In our opinion most of the deaths of Israeli soldiers in this current Gaza war could have been prevented if the I.D.F. had fired “woke generals”, stopped abiding by “purity of arms” and would put winning the war as a priority over freeing hostages or pleasing Biden with “humanitarian gestures” to the enemy population.

Last summer as a result of the “Woke policies” of the I.D.F. Menachem Gottlieb’s son was seriously injured in a terror attack. Below is a picture of his son’s car riddled with bullets.
A female passenger was killed in the attack.

car riddled with bullets from the terror attack

His name for prayers is Aryeh Leib and his mother’s name is Ella.

Aryeh recently had another operation to try to restore the usage of his left hand.